8 Advantages Of Using Landing Pages In Your Ecommerce

Also known as translation capture pages, landing pages are a visitor's gateway to your site. Although not required, using them in ecommerce offers a great advantage over businesses that only refer the user to the main page. In this text, we ponder your real need and consider whether it was worth including them in your business. As you can see, we are 100% supportive of its use and to illustrate this we have brought 8 advantages of using landing pages in your ecommerce. Check it out below!

1. Emphasizes various types of promotions.

If you're promoting or offering some kind of testing - such as free trial periods for software you've developed - landing pages are the best way to show your visitors. After all, a promotion is not worth much if there is no effective way to show it on your site. Given their flexible nature, promotions such as discounts, contests or sweepstakes can be advertised and emphasized through the capture pages.

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2. Send visitors to the content or promotion that matters

If you are hosting a promotion in your online store, you definitely want this person to click the buy button as soon as possible and finish the process. With a landing page, you can guide them exactly that way, making it easy for them to access the description of your promotion or discount. Also, on that same page you can insert the buy button by sending it directly to the shopping cart.

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3.Can create different pages according to your need

One of the advantages of using landing pages in ecommerce or other types of websites is that you don't have to use only one landing page, but apply several according to the way a visitor accesses your site. For example, you can create a dedicated template for anyone who clicks on a Facebook post link and another one who accesses your site through your email marketing.

Going further, it is possible to apply different landing pages even if they come from the same source. For example, you could create a page to promote email sign-up but at the same time create another capture page to buy one of your products at a discount. The page you access will depend on the link a visitor clicks.

4. Increased Conversion Rate

Using landing pages increases the conversion rate of most sites, since converting visitors to subscribers or buyers is your goal. Even if your home page has the best design on the internet, it can hardly bring you more conversions because of the number of information and links shown on it, which distracts users from multiple pages.

5. It's a combination that works best with your ads.

If you're already running ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, or even Instagram, landing pages are your next, valuable companions. Even if nothing prevents you from placing your homepage as the destination of an ad campaign, it can increase your number of visits, but it's unlikely to see good conversions growth. For the reasons mentioned above, using capture pages in conjunction with ads will bring better results for your campaigns.

6. Easy creation

The saying “Less is more” is especially true when we talk about the advantages of using ecommerce landing pages. While the main page is where all the information, offers, and promotions on your site is centered, capture pages have only one focus: convert. That's why you don't have to spend hours customizing and entering information before you can start spreading it in your campaigns.

Obviously, this does not mean that authoring is simple and should take several factors into account when planning page design in order to increase your chances of conversion. But creating them is an easier and faster process than planning a site from scratch.

7. Allows you to test the behavior of your visitors.

Whether your visitors prefer to receive free materials, paid product discounts or a free trial period, landing pages are one of the best ways to find out. By creating different campaigns and using pages to drive viewers, you can measure which type of promotion works best with your audience, allowing you to repeat the ones that work best and avoid the ones that aren't effective.

8. Can be used to promote events.

Unlike the homepage and content pages on your site, landing pages are less permanent in nature. That is, you can use it to promote events with a scheduled date, for example. Through them, it is possible to guide visitors to register for this type of event and, after its completion, the landing page can be disabled so that it does not generate visits that will not convert.

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What other advantages of using landing pages would you like to mention?

Surely you already know the many advantages of using landing pages in your ecommerce. After all, using them is a common practice in online stores of all kinds. But we'd like to know more about you: What other advantages of using landing pages haven't we mentioned? Which one is the most important? Comment with us!

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