8 Beginner Tips for the New Naruto Game for Android and iOS

Launched just a week ago, Naruto ninjas landed from Japan to the Apple and Google app stores. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing is the new official drawing collectible game, allowing you to team up with your favorite characters. Since the title is still in its infancy, it is now possible to start building your own hidden village and start dominating in the game. To help you with this quest, we've put together 8 beginner tips for the new Naruto game!

1. Know the types of ninjas

In a system similar to the game of rock, paper and scissors, the characters in the game have a specific type. They are: Heart (Heart - Red), Body (Body - Blue), Skill (Skill - Green), Bravery (Bravery - Yellow) and Wisdom (Wisdom - Purple). These types have strengths and weaknesses with each other.

This means that when a red character ( Heart ) hits a green ( Skill ), the damage it deals is greater and, in an opposite situation - green attacking red - the damage is reduced. So it is good to write this scheme so that you use your ninjas to the best of your ability. Check out the list below:

Heart (Red) - Beat green characters, but outnumbered blues and are neutral to yellow and purple;

Skill (Green) - Beats blue characters, but is outnumbered by reds and neutral to yellow and purple;

Body (Blue) - Beats red characters, but is outnumbered by greens and neutral to yellow and purple;

Bravery (Yellow) and Wisdom (Purple) - They have an advantage against each other, but are neutral in relation to reds, greens and blues.

2. Build a balanced team

Your first goal after leaving the game is to assemble your first team in a balanced way, so you don't get caught off guard with a team of characters of just one alignment and possibly falling behind. Try to have at least one character from each lineup on the team. If you have a missing alignment, prioritize choosing helpers and friends who have characters from that missing element before embarking on a quest.

3. Prioritize raising the level of characters with more stars

Characters with more stars are stronger and have a higher level limit than those who do. That is, they have a potential to become much stronger. This way you will spend less scrolls and the game's virtual money to increase a weak character's star rating. Characters of four, five and six stars have the greatest potential of the game. This brings us to the next tip…

4.… use 1 and 2 star characters to level up the strongest

Fighting doesn't give your characters experience, forcing them to use other characters and items - like the infamous ramen - to make them stronger. So have no mercy on the 1-2 star characters you get: just use them to raise the level of those with the most stars. For those who like to collect characters, there is no need to fear: there is an encyclopedia of the game that catalogs all ninjas you have seen or obtained, as if it were Pokémon GO Pokédex.

5. Know when to attack and retreat

The main battle mechanics of the new Naruto game is in the positioning of the characters. On your turn, you can move one of them wherever you want. If the enemy is within range - identified by a red target that appears on the screen - your character will attack you. Additionally, if you position a character for attack and it is also within range of another ninja on your team, both will attack the target at the same time. But the rule also applies to enemies.

There is a way to avoid suffering a massacre in such an attack: each opponent has a counter that, when it reaches zero, causes that character to attack. So it is good to stay tuned to this counter to position your characters so that they do not suffer much attack damage. Be especially alert when the word "Danger" is next to the counter: the enemy will use a stronger technique in your group.

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6. Tap on picture to use jutsus

Jutsus are ninja techniques of different effects that mostly do more damage than standard Naruto attacks. But remember that not all jutsus serve to attack. Before entering a combat, you can know what kind of technique your character uses. Access the "Team" menu, choose "Character List", tap the character's picture and choose the "Ninjutsu" tab to check the description of the technique. To use it in battle, touch the portrait of the character in question and position him for the attack.

7. Swap your characters in battle

Each team has six vacancies, one reserved for the character of another allied player, who will be under his control only in that mission. But only three of them stay active in combat, while the other three stay "on the bench." At times, it will be more advantageous to use one of these ninjas than the current combatant. To make the change, wait for the fighter's turn to touch, touch and hold the portrait behind him, and drag him forward. This exchange does not consume actions, meaning you can trade and attack in the same turn.

8. Ask for help online!

If a mission is too difficult to win, you can always ask other online players for help. The same rules apply in the quest and the only difference is that it will control only one of the characters, while the other two will be in charge of another player. To do this, choose the mission you wish to play and tap the "Join this Mission in Multiplayer" button. The main advantage of this is that you can earn ninja pearls - Naruto's premium game coin - used to get rare characters.

Have you started your ninja life in the new Naruto game?

Already playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing ? If you haven't downloaded it yet, the new game of Naruto and his class can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS. Do not forget to leave your opinion about the game and if our tips were helpful!

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