The 8 Best Web Browsers

Everyone knows that to surf the internet, you need a browser. But when using web browsers, we usually always consider the same options (especially the best-known ones) and don't do much research to find out if there's something better for our everyday needs.

So today we have separated 8 of the best browsers to surf the internet today, whether on PCs, Mac or even mobile devices. Check out our list below!

1. Google Chrome

This suggestion may seem obvious, but Google Chrome can still be considered as the best web browser today. Whether it's its incredible speed, its numerous extensions available, its support for various platforms (including Android and Apple smartphones and tablets) or simply because it's so easy and convenient to use.

The only problem is that to deliver such good performance, it ends up consuming a lot of RAM from your computer or mobile device. This may end up slowing down your PC, but it's usually not that noticeable. You can download Chrome through this link.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Before Chrome came out, Firefox was the best browser you could have on your PC. Nowadays, it remains very good, safe and easy to use. Although not as fast as Chrome, it has the advantage of being extremely lightweight, ensuring smooth performance on your computer.

It also has several extensions available and offers many features similar to Google Chrome. In the end, Firefox turns out to be a great alternative for those who prefer a lighter browser, even if they have to sacrifice some speed for it. Just click here to download it.

3. Microsoft Egde

Microsoft Edge came along with Windows 10 to replace and end the bad reputation Internet Explorer had. Unlike its predecessor, the Edge is very safe and extremely fast. Incidentally, it can often be faster than Chrome without having to consume as much RAM as its competitor.

In addition, it allows you to draw on screen and save articles for later reading without the need for any extensions. Speaking of reading, it also offers a special mode of reading so you can focus on the article instead of being distracted by ads, for example. Being new, the Edge is still far from perfect, but it is on a good track. The bad news is that for now it's only available on Windows 10. Anyway, you can learn more about this browser at this link.

4. Safari

If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you should know that you can choose and use just about every common browser out there. But it's almost impossible not to recommend Apple's own browser for these devices: Safari.

Because it is designed specifically to run on Apple devices, it is difficult to get better performance on other browsers. It is lightweight, fast and very safe by itself. Unfortunately, it is only supported by Apple products, which makes it quite limited. Even so, you can learn more about Safari at this link.

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5. Opera

If you used mobile internet when this was still big news, you may have already used the Opera browser to do the job. It is very old, but remains one of the great browser alternatives, especially on mobile devices.

Incredibly, it can be even lighter than Firefox and almost as fast as Chrome. Opera also supports many of the existing Chrome extensions, as both browsers are based on the same system. You download Opera via this link.

6. Comodo Dragon

Starting with browsers less known to the general public, we started with Comodo Dragon. Besides having a really cool name, this browser is probably one of the safest you'll find out there.

This is because it is primarily developed by an internet security company, which makes all the difference when browsing suspicious pages. It is very similar to Chrome and offers the same extensions as it, making it convenient for those who are already used to the Google browser. If you are looking for more protection while having fun on the internet, this is your best choice. Download Comodo Dragon at this link!

7. Vivaldi

If you're looking for something really new, maybe you should try Vivaldi, a recent browser that hasn't even been finalized yet. Even so, you can download your preview version to get a sense of what the final version can offer.

Even though it's not quite ready, Vivaldi already shows that it will be a major competitor of Chrome in the future. In addition to supporting all Google browser extensions, Vivaldi can be completely modified and customized by your user, something we don't have in most popular browsers yet. If you are interested, you can download a copy of Vivaldi's preview at this link.

8. Maxthon

Finally, we have Maxthon, which has features and features that are very similar to Firefox and Google Chrome, but it can't beat either in some respect. What makes this browser truly unique is its compatibility and integration with cloud storage services, which makes life much easier for users who mess with it a lot on a daily basis.

You can even share files and documents between different devices with Maxthon very quickly and conveniently. So if you want an alternative that gives you more options for saving and sharing files, Maxthon might be the best option as it's also quite simple to use. To download it, just click this link!

Did you like our suggestions? You probably didn't even know some of these browsers, did you? Just make sure to tell us in the comments which of these browsers you like and use the most in your daily life!

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