9 Apps to Meet Las Vegas for iPhone and Android

While neighboring Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels - even if it's not very angelic - Las Vegas is called the "City of Sin." One of the busiest nightlife cities in the world, its main feature is the sheer amount of all-night casinos, nightclubs and bars, giving it a second nickname: City of Lights. Of course, such a city could not do without its own application list. If you're planning a city trip, learn more about these 9 apps to get to know Las Vegas on iPhone and Android!

1. Vegas.com (iOS, Android)

The application that starts our list is a kind of handyman: it brings information about the city, upcoming events, recommendation of places, among many others. Even if you are not in town yet, you may have access to a wealth of information to plan your itinerary. In addition, you can set your location to notify you of any events occurring near your current location. The function also works if your plans take you elsewhere by simply indicating where and when you will go to a particular region.

2. VegasMate (iOS)

Another Vegas Las Vegas app that guides you through everything that happens in the city, VegasMate has some cool features compared to other apps. One is CabCheck, which allows you to make an estimated calculation of the cost of taking a taxi from one point to another.

The app is connected to OpenTable - which we cited in the list of apps to visit London - letting you know which restaurants are open and booking a table. It also allows you to view menus of some restaurants and maps of the casinos you want to visit.

3. Las Vegas Travel Guide (iOS, Android)

One of the best apps to explore the city when you are disconnected from the internet. This guide also allows offline geolocation and photos of the city's attractions, as well as being available in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English. It provides a dictionary of terms you can use to communicate with residents and businesses, as well as pointers on what to do. One of its few exclusively online features includes city hotel and daily promotions.

4. Vegaster (iOS, Android)

Similar to the Las Vegas apps we mentioned earlier, Vegaster has a very considerable differential, which makes it one of our nominations. Besides showing events and helping the visitor to know what is happening in the city, he has a chat service where he can talk directly with someone to receive these recommendations.

The service also allows you to ask questions about the locations. In their ad in digital stores, they even respond to what type of clothing is appropriate to go to a specific location. The app also lets you make reservations in advance and arrange to meet with residents to introduce you to the city with an online chat system.

5. WhereToVegas (iOS, Android)

Want to know what are the latest Vegas trends before or during your visit to the city? Rather than showing a guide to any recent events, WhereToVegas measures differently from the Las Vegas apps shown in this list. It uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to establish what's happening most talked about in the city. Through these metrics, he has a map of the city showing the events through a "temperature" meter, ie how much a particular place is drawing attention on social media.

6. BottlesTonight (iOS)

The service works in many American cities - such as Miami and New York - but is especially useful in bustling Las Vegas. This app works like a kind of OpenTable, but instead of restaurants, BottlesTonight is dedicated exclusively to nightlife, bringing recommendations of bars and clubs that you can frequent during your visit. Among features like booking tickets for a party, you can preview the types of music played by the DJs of each event, among others.

7. American Casino Guide (iOS, Android)

Going to Las Vegas and not visiting any casino is the same as visiting Rio de Janeiro and not visiting at least one of the beaches. To find out which ones are the best or most affordable, we recommend downloading the American Casino Guide. It brings information from all American casinos and is especially useful here. The app shows name, address and contact numbers of these casinos, as well as informing about promotions and discounts. You can also be guided by GPS to the selected location.

8. Transit Tracker Las Vegas (iOS)

We couldn't miss a guide to using public transit on our list of apps to see Las Vegas. Transit Tracker allows you to track local bus arrival and departure times in a few taps. The app also has a route planner - also with estimated travel times and duration - and a database where you can know which city bus lines and their itineraries.

9. Las Vegas Weather Radar (iOS, Android)

With information provided by FOX News, you can follow the weather of Las Vegas so that you can prepare your trip accordingly and continue to follow the situation upon arrival in the city. You can set it to receive notifications according to climate change - or to let you know if a storm is coming!

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What apps to know Las Vegas are on your smartphone?

With such a wealth of event and venue guides, it is difficult to choose one and the evaluation will be according to the user's preference. Which of these apps to get to know Las Vegas on iPhone and Android most interested you? Do you recommend any of them specifically to other readers? So don't forget to leave a comment below!

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