9 best music streaming apps for iPhone and iPad

Lack of storage space on smartphones and tablets is an increasingly common problem, especially for those with an iPhone or iPad, as it is impossible to increase memory size on these devices. Fortunately, there are more and more solutions so that we don't have to carry dozens of files on our small mobile devices.

If for documents, photos and videos we have cloud storage services, for songs we already have some good streaming options. As well as being a convenient way to save space, it's also a good way to bring your favorite songs anywhere and on any device. So, how about checking out our list of the best streaming music apps for iPhone and iPad ?

1. FreeMP3 Box

Our first alternative is FreeMP3 Box, which in addition to having excellent options and features, can also be taken for free. Its interface is very beautiful and allows the user to search music through artists, albums, music genre and even hashtags if you prefer.

Another cool thing is that the app offers a type of online radio service that can be tailored to your liking. On top of that, you can still watch clips of your favorite songs in high quality, a nice differentiator from other apps of its kind. You can download it from this link!

2. Pandora

Since we mentioned FreMp3 Box's radio service, we can't help but talk about the Pandora app, which is well known and popular by music fans. The difference is that Pandora really works like a real online radio, having several stations and options available to its users.

You can take full advantage of the service for free or subscribe to a special plan to gain access to some additional features, more customization possibilities, superior audio quality and the lack of annoying ads between songs. The app can be downloaded at this link.

3. Radio

Although not so famous here in Brazil, Rdio is undoubtedly one of the best streaming music services you could find today. Of course, this whole quality is not completely free and the app offers several different packages to fit the diverse needs and preferences of its users.

The music library that Rdio offers is downright impressive, with over 35 million songs currently available. The cool thing is that you can test the app for a while before you actually have to sign up, so it's easy to figure out if it's worth it. The app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded here!

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4. Spotify

One of the most famous and popular apps when it comes to streaming music could not fail to be on our list. Spotify is one of the most complete applications we can find today and can even be used for free if you don't mind some limitations.

If you choose to subscribe to the service monthly, you can listen to all your favorite songs wherever you want without being connected to the internet. The quality of the tracks in this plan is also superior and you don't need to hear multiple announcements between songs. The iOS app can be downloaded from this link.

5. Grooveshark

Another very popular option among big music fans is Grooveshark, which can be one of the simplest and most practical apps on our list. With it, you can simply choose the songs you want and listen for free wherever you are.

Of course, like most apps of this type, there is also a premium version that offers better quality and removes ads that appear between songs. Its beautiful interface is very easy to move, making Grooveshark one of the best streaming options. The iOS app can be downloaded from this link.

6. Songza

Another app that also features a type of online radio service is Songza, which is even slightly more popular than apps like Pandora, for example. The cool thing is that it is completely free and offers several different stations and playlists for its users.

Besides being able to install the application on your iPhone or iPad, it is also possible to take advantage of the functions of the service through your internet browser, which is very convenient. Another plus point is that Songza uses the songs you favored to discover your taste in music and suggest new songs. The application can be downloaded at this link.

7. Last.fm

If you are a big fan of music, you probably have heard at least one of the online and streaming music radios on the internet. The site has been online for over 13 years and is still incredibly popular today, especially for its great quality.

With it, you can browse your favorite artists and songs, create playlists and listen to the various stations that are available. In addition to using your browser to take advantage of the service, you can also download the official iOS app and enjoy the same features on your smartphone or tablet. The app can be downloaded at this link.

8. Soundcloud

Like Last.fm, Soundclound is very old and extremely well known on the Internet, but it works completely differently. The service is all focused on sharing audio files, be it music, podcasts, sound effects or audio books, for example.

Instead of having famous songs, Soundcloud has a huge library of songs by independent artists, making it the perfect place to discover new bands. You can use the platform freely and freely in both your web browser and your iPhone or iPad. Click here to download the app.

9. Slacker Radio

Lastly, we have Slacker Radio, which also works primarily as an online radio. The cool thing is that it lets your users create playlists and stations any way they like so they can share them with the rest of the world.

For a completely free service, your music library is quite impressive and has over 8 million songs available. Like many of the services we mentioned on our list, you can enjoy Slacker Radio in your browser or in its official iOS app, which can be downloaded from this link.

Like these streaming music apps for iPhone and iPad?

What did you think of our recommendations for streaming music apps for iPhone and iPad? Leave your comment below telling us which apps have caught your attention or if you already use any of them to listen to your favorite songs!

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