9 best screen lock apps on Android

The native lock screen of Android is very bland! Fortunately, some Android screen lock apps let you use better images or even allow for some extra functionality.

By default and considering the recent Android Pie, the original lock screen lets you preview notifications, control music playback - whether through the official player or apps for listening to music online - and access your phone or camera phone.

You can also customize it by switching images in the settings area of ​​your Android. You can include any photo from your phone - including those made in online paint games! - but let's agree that searching for the perfect image on Google is not very suitable.

Most of the screen lock apps we will cite throughout the article contain a diverse collection of images you can place. Some of them also have some different settings or functions, such as the ability to shortcut apps or create custom menus.

Before you check out the apps we've selected, here's how to disable the default lock screen. Leaving it on may cause conflicts in some apps that we will mention shortly and not work properly.

How to disable Android default lock screen

1 - Open the Settings app of your Android;

2 - Touch Lock Screen ;

3 - Go to Screen Lock Type ;

4 - Use your unlock method previously set to release the menu;

5 - Select None ;

Now that you've released the default screen lock, check out the best screen lock apps on Android below and start testing them!

1. Solo Locker

The first app on the list is also one of the most complete. Your collection of wallpapers caters for all tastes, whether you are an avid fan of pets on the internet or an inveterate gamer, among many others.

It also lets you choose between unlocking your phone using a PIN password or a design, similar to what we see in the Android pattern. Solo Locker lets you customize the blur level of the wallpaper and the font used in the clock or any other text.

You can also set shortcuts to your favorite apps right from the lock screen. The app is free with ads displayed when there are no notifications on your phone.

Click the link to download Solo Locker on your Android.

2. AcDisplay

Another of the most popular screen lock apps on Android, AcDisplay has over one million downloads.

Ideal for those with older Android systems, it emulates features already available in current versions. Being able to view and respond to notifications right from the lock screen is one of them, for example.

You also don't have to keep it active all the time by setting it to turn off at certain times of the day or when your Android battery power is low.

Visit the AcDisplay page on Google Play to download it on your smartphone.

3. CM Locker

Focused on giving your smartphone more security, CM Locker brings password, design or fingerprint unlocking. It also has its own collection of wallpapers to make your lock screen more stylish.

CM Locker is also one of the few apps to take selfies from intruders who get their unlock password wrong. Another security feature of it is the ability to lock your phone remotely through your Facebook account.

Learn more about the app through the link.

4. Start

Are you a fan of the start menu on Windows 10 computers? Start is the ideal solution among screen lock apps on Android. In fact, it is right to consider that locking is a secondary function of the app, which works more like a launcher for Android.

What does that mean? That it is ideal for activating your applications more quickly. His proposal is precisely to access his apps as if it were the start menu of computers. That is, just tap a center icon and a side menu will appear with your apps, instead of the buttons, as we're used to.

Click the link to install Start on your Android.

5. Always On AMOLED

Like AcDisplay, this app is ideal for those with older versions of Android. We say this because it emulates the Always On functionality available in recent versions of the Google system.

That is, you can view and respond to lock screen, night mode, and auto close notifications when you put your smartphone in your pocket or purse, among others.

Visit the link to download Always On AMOLED.

6. LokLok

Valentine's Day is over, but you can always surprise your pair (or odd) with love notes and messages. This is the proposal of LokLok, which allows you to draw tickets on the phone lock screen without having to unlock it for it.

It's like turning your lock screen into a whiteboard that can be used to place quick tickets, partly replacing the use of note-taking apps on Android.

Understand more about LokLok by clicking on the link!

7. Always

Perhaps the most unusual among the lock screen apps on Android from this list. Have you ever imagined studying every time you unlock your smartphone? This is Semper's proposal, which aims to help you establish the habit of studying.

Every time you unlock your Android, the app will offer you a math, foreign languages ​​or logical reasoning problem, whatever you need to learn the most. That way you'll study even if it's not in front of a desk.

Or at least the problems will make you spend less time on social networks…

Click the link to understand more about Semper!

8. Hi Locker

Migrating from an iPhone to Android and miss the iOS lock screen? Hi Locker is a solution! It emulates the Apple system lock screen on your Android, as well as mimicking older versions of Android itself.

It allows you to view notifications straight from the lock screen, has customizable messages that give you good morning or good night, and finally password, design or digital unlock on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Learn more about Hi Locker by visiting their page on Google Play.

9. Gesture Lock Screen

One of the best apps for drawing lock screen. Unlike what we see in most apps or even on the native screen, you can set your screen not to display the dots to be linked, making the design more personalized.

Despite the focus on the gesture, you can also unlock it by password or digital. Gesture Lock Screen also takes selfies from intruders who make a mistake and sends the photo with an alert to your email.

It also has a gallery of wallpapers and lets you see your notifications without having to unlock the phone.

Click the link to download Gesture Lock Screen.

Learn more about Android!

Now that you know some of the best options among Android lock screen apps, try some and pick your favorite.

Some of the options shown here have paid versions, which take ads or offer more features. But you don't have to pay for them!

Just follow this walkthrough of how to download paid apps for free on Android! Best of all: fully legalized!

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