9 Best Tools for Instagram Posting on PC

For social media professionals, it is essential to be able to work quickly, avoiding having to switch devices every time you post to Instagram. The social network does not allow the publication of posts from the computer, being necessary to create the post on the smartphone. However, there are a number of services that allow you to post on Instagram by PC, speeding up the work and also allowing you to schedule posts. That's why we've separated 8 of the best tools for posting to Instagram on PC!

1. Manage

An automatic interaction app on Instagram, Managegram also lets you schedule posts from your dashboard. This means that in addition to filtering searches and interactions - likes and following profiles from hashtags and competing users - you can use the software to post to Instagram on your PC. In addition, Gestãogram also shows reports of growth of your followers.

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2. Bume

Another app aimed at automatic search and interaction to increase your Instagram followers, Bume also features a platform for posting to Instagram on your PC. Here you can upload the photo that will be part of your post, type in the caption, and include the hashtags.

The interesting thing about the tool is that it includes a character limiter and hashtags, meaning that your text is about to reach the limit set by Instagram. Additionally, it reports with your profile growth and allows you to send automatic messages to new followers.

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3. Social Rocket

Running on any web browser on your PC, Social Rocket comes with a tool for scheduling publications and posting to Instagram on your PC. Like the sites shown above, in addition to scheduling posts, Social Rocket also enables automatic interactions and the creation of templates for automatic direct submission. All tools provided by the service have an explanation of how to use it and are suitable for beginners.

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4. Grow Social

A number of applications to gain Instagram followers are also offering a way for their users to post to Instagram on their PC. In addition to those already mentioned above, Grow Social is also one of them. Offering the ability to schedule posts in the Instagram feed, Grow Social lets you create automatic searches and interactions by genre, hashtag, location, and competitor profiles.

Your results are also calculated and shown through reports, and you can also create automatic messages for your new followers. Check out more about Grow Social to learn how it works in the video below:

Do you usually post on Instagram on your PC or just use your smartphone?

Now that you know some sites and services that allow you to post on Instagram on your PC, we believe your life will be easier and not waste so much time making a post on your limited screen. Have you used any of them before? Which one are you currently testing? Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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