9 Best Webinar Tools

One of the booming markets in recent years is webinar. For those unfamiliar with the topic, webinars can literally be translated as webinars. As with the original version, an authority on a topic makes a class presentation about its preferred subject. But on the web, neither teacher nor student needs to travel, as the class is streamed over the internet through webinar tools.

. Although these classes were initially available as a recorded video to be downloaded, these tools already allow you to conduct live lessons as well. Thinking of giving your classes on the web? Then check out these 9 webinar tools!

1. GoToWebinar

The webinar version dedicated to GoToMeeting, an online meeting tool, GoToWebinar has similar functions to the application that originated it. Among its features, the platform allows the recording of HD broadcasts and their archives, surveys and polls and service for user registration. On the other hand, it limits the number of participants online at the same time. Learn more about the platform at the link.

2. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is considered one of the most complete tools on the market, offering a wide range of webinar options. It features one-click login technologies, ban users and prohibit anonymous users from accessing your classes, and pre-conference pages with a countdown timer and unlimited number of allowed users.

On the other hand, the tool is entirely in English, as well as dollar subscription value. Learn more about WebinarJam by accessing the link.

3. Eventials

Unlike the previous tool, Eventials is available in Portuguese. Its functions include the ability to generate application forms, screen sharing - especially useful for classes on using or developing software - and adaptive streaming.

That is, the quality of the transmission adjusts according to the quality of the user's connection, avoiding the notorious pauses. Click the link to learn more about how Eventials works.

4. WebinarsOnAir

WebinarsOnAir is not a platform for webinars. The service acts more as a facilitator for selling this type of service on Google Hangouts, as the tool itself doesn't allow the sale. Your benefit is that you can sell your classes while still taking advantage of Google Hangouts if you are a user. Learn more about WebinarsOnAir.

5. Cisco WebEx

Part of a collaborative work digital services network, Cisco WebEx is dedicated exclusively to events and webinars. It is one of the most expensive tools on the market, although it has excellent functions. These include chat and survey systems, the possibility of simultaneous speakers and prospecting tools. Click the link to learn about Cisco Webex.

6. Mega Meeting

In addition to hosting webinars, Mega Meeting also caters for meetings and product demos. One of its key advantages is its ease of use on browsers and mobile devices, as well as integration with PayPal as a digital payment option for students who sign up for courses hosted on the platform. Meet the Mega Meeting.

7. Webinar Center

Webinar Center is an alternative that offers integrations with various services that can impact the performance of your webinar, such as Google Analytics, Mautic, E-Goi, Zapier, among others. It also allows your presentations to be streamed on YouTube and offers features that target WhatsApp.

The best part is that the Webinar Center is completely free for up to 50 participants, but of course, if you need to broadcast to more people, your paid plan offers an unlimited number of participants. It is worth mentioning that some Webinar Center integrations are only available within the paid professional version. Even so, be sure to check it out!

8. Zoom

Zoom is not necessarily developed just as a webinar platform, but also offers this option among its many functions. Its interface is really intuitive and clean and it offers adjustable plans where you can choose to broadcast from 100 to 10, 000 participants.

In addition, all presentations on Zoom's webinar platform can be streamed directly on Facebook Live or YouTube. Among its tools, it offers screen sharing, dual screen support, full audio controls (if you need to control attendee volume, for example), and more. It's worth checking out and requesting a free demo, go through the link.

9. ClickMeeting

To top our list, ClickMeeting is a platform that really offers a variety of resources to increase audience engagement and help you organize your webinars. With it, you can, for example, record your presentations and automate interactions, pauses, and more so that the platform takes care of everything while you focus on what's important.

Another interesting advantage of ClickMeeting is that you can host webinars with your collaborators and coworkers. Did you find it interesting? Try it for free for 30 days by visiting the official website!

Which platform to make webinars seemed the most interesting?

With so many platforms available in the market, we believe you will find in this list the most appropriate to your profile and needs. If you have already used one of these or would like to recommend another platform, be sure to make your recommendation in our comments section and learn how to use Google Analytics to see visits from your webinar!

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