9 Best Websites To Buy Christmas Gift Games

There is a plethora of arcade games, including different types and products they offer. Whether it's downloadable game stores or physical establishments, gifting family or friends - who like games, of course - with this kind of product can be quite advantageous. We say this because these games are available in various price ranges, fitting in every type of pocket. So check out the 9 best sites to buy games this Christmas!

Tip: Don't forget the games on the track too! Meet in this text 20 of the best free games for Mac!

Download Digital Games

The first 5 sites to buy games this Christmas will be exclusively dedicated to buying digital download games. That is, you will buy the game on this platform and indicate the username or email of the recipient, who will be allowed to download the game you bought for him. The main advantage of buying this model is that it is not necessary to pay freight, let alone track delivery, as happens in physical products.

1. Steam

The largest downloadable digital game store today. Its collection comprises thousands of games, which can be viewed according to popularity, type of game and most importantly for those who want to give away but want to have control of how much they are spending. The hit maker's online store Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 sells PC, Mac and Linux games. Click the link to get to know Steam.

Note: Make sure the game is compatible with the computer of the presenter. While all games are available for PC, the same cannot be said of Mac and Linux.

2. Cloudy

Made in Brazil, Nuuvem works similarly to Steam, providing various types of computer games (PC, Mac and Linux), which can also be viewed by price range. Although not very different from the Steam store, we strongly recommend following the promotions and always comparing the price of both stores.

We make this recommendation because it is always possible that one of the stores is charging a lower price for the same game because of discounts offered on promotions. Learn more about Nuuvem by visiting the link.

3. GOG

Recently accepting purchases in reais, the GOG structure is similar to the two examples cited above. However, the online store has a proposition that makes it a little different: instead of focusing on the current major releases, the platform is focused on buying old games. Among the 10 examples on the list, GOG is the best choice among sites to buy games from past decades.

Classics like Neverwinter Nights 2, Homeworld and Heroes of Might & Magic III can be purchased here. For Mac and Linux users: GOG has a category only for games compatible with these operating systems. Learn more about GOG by visiting the site.

4. Hype

Newly launched in Brazil by Level Up Games - which has already brought highly successful online games like Ragnarok Online to the country - Hype brings computer games to its digital store, but also provides other games-related services. As Level Up Games continues to offer online games for Brazil, you can use Hype to gift someone with credits so they can buy digital items in titles like Aion or Blade & Soul. Learn more about Hype.

5. Humble Store

Perhaps one of the most suitable online stores for Christmas. Also selling computer games, the Humble Store differential is at its root - it was created through the Humble Bundle initiative, which offered game packages by donation. Packages continue to be offered and even offer other types of items such as comics, books and soundtracks, for example, just by registering your email address to receive which packages are being offered.

The store maintains the practices, reversing 5% of the purchase price to charities such as the American Red Cross. Another 5% of the value is borne by the buyer: either they donate these other 5% to the institutions or receive them back in their virtual wallet. Its only setback is the sale of dollar games, requiring international credit card. Click the link to access the Humble Store.

Best sites to buy physical games

As stated in the subtitle, the following options are for websites that sell games in physical format. That is, the disk or cartridge in their respective cases most of the time.

6. Large retail chains

The main Brazilian ecommerces also have sector for sale of consoles and videogames, be them Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox or PC. Sites like Americanas, Submarine, Ponto Frio or WalMart sell the major releases for these video games.

7. Big Boy Games

One of the leading online game stores, Big Boy Games offers games, accessories, and consoles at common market prices and sometimes at good discounts. Usually the store has major releases on its release date or as close as possible. The store currently has 32 successful calls to the 38 complaints made at Reclame Aqui during the last 12 months. Click on the link to access Big Boy Games, located in the interior of São Paulo.

8. Free Market

One option that may prove cheaper, Mercado Livre has several computer and game stores that sell their products on the auction platform. In addition, it is a good option for finding non-release games, making it a reasonable alternative to buying both older games and other video game-related products.

9. Galapagos Games

Who said we would only talk about electronic games. We have reserved our last option from the list of best sites to buy games for analogs. Currently the largest board game distributor in Brazil, Galapagos is a bit out of step with War and Real Estate Bank, offering new options for different ages and types of players. Check out the collection of Galapagos Games by accessing the store's website.

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Which sites to buy games do you recommend?

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