9 facts you need to know about iOS 9.2.1

The iOS 9.2 update recently arrived on iPhones and iPads, but version 9.2.1 has already been confirmed by Apple. Of course, we're all curious about what the upcoming update will bring us in terms of improvements and news, so be sure to check out our list of the 10 facts you need to know about iOS 9.2.1!

1. Performance

It's hard to tell for sure about the performance of iOS 9.2.1, as it hasn't been publicly released yet, but since there are a lot of people testing the beta, you can at least get a glimpse of how it should behave in different ways. devices.

Apparently, from iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 2 upwards, the result seems to be quite satisfactory, while for older devices there are still a lot of crashes and slowness. Of course, it is exactly these tests that allow Apple to improve iOS on the official version, so that could still change a lot.

2. You download it now

As we said in the previous topic, there is a beta that can be tested by anyone who has an active Apple ID. To do this, you need to click this link to better understand how beta testing works.

If you're really sure you want to install iOS 9.2.1 beta then you can download it from this link. Fortunately, Apple gives you all the necessary instructions you need to know before you upgrade your iPhone or iPad, just remember that this is not the finished version and may contain bugs and miscellaneous issues.

3. What to do before you install it

We recommend that before you install it, you should take some basic care with your device, be it a smartphone or tablet. For starters, it is important that you familiarize yourself with your current version of iOS, so it won't be a big leap of difference when you upgrade.

Then research and read more about iOS 9.2.1 and how it is being received by those who have already installed it. This is important to know what are the major system issues and if you are willing to put up with it in your everyday use. Finally, don't forget to back up your iPhone or iPad if you change your mind and decide to go back to the old version of your iOS.

4. Reasons not to update too soon

It may seem pretty cool to have a version of iOS before everyone else, but it also means that you'll be dealing with an unfinished operating system. The only reason iOS 9.2.1 beta is there is for Apple to know how it works across different devices and situations and what needs to be fixed for the official release.

You will have many problems with bugs, lack of stability, performance, unexpected crashes, etc. We recommend that you stay out of this beta test especially if you use your iPhone or iPad for work or study, as your device may end up leaving you at your fingertips when you need it most.

5. Can you downgrade

The great thing about the iOS 9.2.1 beta test is that you can simply downgrade to your old iOS at any time. So if you just want to try out the new iOS for a while but not at all, it's totally possible.

The downgrade process is extremely simple, as you can see in our article about it. Just remember not to do this if you're using an older version of iOS (earlier than 9.2, for example), as you won't be able to go back to it later.

6. Devices compatible with the new iOS

This can be a big question for users when it comes to updating their devices manually, but fortunately it's quite simple to verify. Basically, if you already received iOS 9 on your device, it is sure that it is compatible with version 9.2.1.

If you haven't updated yet and are on iOS 8 or below, just know that from iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and up, you can now install iOS 9 on your device. As you can see, this version of the system is very comprehensive and only leaves really old models out.

7. Official Release Date

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the official release date of iOS 9.2.1 will be, but we know that Apple often reveals this information during its events. With the company's next big event taking place in March 2016, it's possible for a date to be revealed there or for the update to be released from scratch, just like iOS 9.2.

Of course, as iOS 9.2 has just arrived on our devices, it's quite possible that it will really take a while to see this new version.

8. News

For now, iOS 9.2.1 beta testers have yet to discover significant changes in the update. This may disappoint many Apple fans, but it makes sense considering how much has changed at the launch of iOS 9 this year.

These small updates always serve more to bring stability, bug fixes and more security and privacy to users. Therefore, we already warned you not to get too excited about the idea of ​​seeing a lot of visible news when you decide to install this update.

9. No jailbreak yet

This is probably already pretty obvious to anyone who knows how jailbreaking works and sometimes takes time to appear when iOS is updated. The problem is that they have not yet released a way to jailbreak even on iOS 9.1, although some developers have already done so.

If you really enjoy the benefits of a jailbroken device, we recommend staying away from any iOS update for a while. The downside is that you will not have access to certain news and will be more susceptible to problematic bugs.

Did you like to know more about iOS 9.2.1?

So, did you know more about the iOS 9.2.1 beta? So don't forget to leave your comment and tell us if you think this new update is worth a try or if you prefer to wait for the official version!

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