9 tips for whether someone is tracking Android

Android smartphones and tablets are increasingly powerful, reducing our need to use more robust computers or gadgets on a daily basis. It also means that we are increasingly putting information and personal data on these small devices.

That wouldn't be a problem if the security of these devices were a little better against viruses and malware, especially since many people don't even think about antivirus protection on them. Often, these malware may even end up completely unnoticed if you do not pay attention.

Worst of all, there may be people spying on or tracking Android that you use on a daily basis without your knowing it. Fortunately, there are some signs that make it more obvious if this is really happening, as you can see in our article below.

Article Tips:

1. Noises during calls

Besides being a great tip, this is also a very efficient and fast way to find out if your Android is being spied on by someone. What you should do is note if there is any suspicious noise or sound during your calls on your mobile phone.

This usually means someone may be recording your calls, as apps that perform this task also produce strange noises. Another notable thing is if the quality of your calls suddenly worsens, as this may be another sign that they are being monitored.

2. Random reboot

Another clear sign that malware or spyware is installed on your device is if your device simply shuts down or restarts itself at random. It is even normal for this to happen from time to time if Android itself has a problem, especially after major updates, but if you find it too frequent, it could be a virus.

Another reason for this is some outdated and unstable apps that you may have installed on your device yourself. To be sure, try uninstalling the apps you think may be causing problems and see if your device still has the same issue.

3. Strange SMS

Some malware may end up sending weird SMS to your device, full of meaningless numbers and symbols, for example.

If you're getting things like this on your smartphone, you can be pretty sure there's something tracking Android without you knowing.

4. Delay to hang up

Another obvious sign that something is wrong with your Android smartphone or tablet is if you notice that it takes longer than usual to turn off. Usually this action is always very fast and instant even, serving as a good parameter for you to test your device.

The delay in turning off the device basically suggests that there is actually someone monitoring what you do with it.

5. New apps installed

This is a very easy and simple way to realize if something is wrong with your Android device. Just take a look at the applications currently installed on your device to see if there is something you did not put there.

If you come across a weird app that you just didn't install, it may well mean that some virus is hiding it, which is quite worrying. Our tip is that you obviously uninstall anything suspicious immediately.

6. Slower device

If your Android device is a little older or has more humble settings, it may well just be that it slows down over time. But if this is happening and your device is more modern and new, it could be an indication of viruses.

If you suddenly experience this type of slow or slow locking, there may actually be something wrong with the device.

7. Suspicious Files or Folders

Another thing you can do to find out if there is any malware on your smartphone or tablet is to use your file manager to browse your folders and files within Android. If you find something very strange or suspicious, it may be the work of a virus.

Of course, Android is full of folders and files that most users don't know about, so always look around for the kind of thing you have found to avoid erasing something essential from your operating system.

8. Sudden heating

It is normal for smartphones and tablets to warm up a little when you use them heavier or for a long time in a row. What is highly unusual and strange is when it happens when you are not even touching them.

If you find that your device is warming up from scratch when it is not in use or when you are not doing anything else on your device, it may be a great indication that there is a virus installed on it.

9. What to do?

Well, we've given some very useful tips on how to tell if someone is tracking or spying on your Android, but what to do with this information if you really have a virus? There is no individual solution for each of these signals as it is necessary to remove malware once and for all from your device to make it all better.

The first thing you should do is install an antivirus immediately. It may not be so common yet, but it is extremely necessary to treat your mobile device like a computer in this regard. So you don't have to search too much, we suggest you take a look at our list of the best antivirus for Android.

Once you have the app installed on your device, scan it thoroughly to find out what type of malware or virus is monitoring your Android device and get rid of it. These antivirus are really quite functional and powerful, finding most of the issues that affect smartphones and tablets nowadays.

So, did you enjoy our tips on how to tell if someone is really tracking Android in any way? So be sure to leave a comment saying if you have already put them into practice on your device and if you have discovered anything suspicious!

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