Adding a page to Facebook Bookmarks

Want quick access to one of your Facebook fanpages? Just save it to your Favorites ! Just as we do on sites through browsers like Opera or Google Chrome, Facebook has a fan bookmark section that makes it easy to access one or more pages. The procedure is very simple and you can do it in two different ways as per the step by step to add a page to Facebook Bookmarks below!

How to Add a Page to Facebook Bookmarks - Method 1

The most common method of bookmarking a page. Go to the fanpage you want to favorite and click the More option, as below:

Then choose the Add to Favorites option so that the page can be accessed.

How to Add a Page to Facebook Bookmarks - Method 2

Alternatively, you can bookmark one of your fanpages through the Settings menu.

Already in the first option of the menu is already the option of Favorites, just click Edit :

Finally, just click on the box that will open and confirm the Save Changes button.

From there, the fanpage will be in your favorites. To reverse the decision, simply do either of the two methods, regardless of which one you used to add them to. That is, it is okay to use the second method to remove an addition made through the first, and vice versa.

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We believe anyone can successfully bookmark a fanpage, making it easy to follow and access. Did you have any difficulty? Comment with us if you have any questions and be sure to share this post on your social networks and what are your favorite pages!

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