Adding subtitles to YouTube videos

As we all know, YouTube is one of the most widely used social networks in the world, either for creating content or simply for watching and sharing videos from your favorite channels. Still, perhaps one of the biggest barriers to such a large platform is the lack of the ability to natively add subtitles to videos from other countries. Although the creators themselves may add subtitles, you can't expect them to do so in many other languages, for example.

Fortunately, there are external tools that allow users to create and place subtitles of the language they want in their favorite videos. To find out how you can do it, just check out our tips below!

How to add subtitles on YouTube

One of the easiest ways to add subtitles to YouTube videos is a Google Chrome add-on called “Subtitles for YouTube, ” which you can download and install to your browser via this link.

This extension allows you to select “srt” files (most common format for subtitle files) and place them in the video you prefer. The subtitle will not be there permanently as the person must have the file and the extension itself to view it.

Still, it's a pretty simple way to share the video with friends who don't know a language, for example.

To create subtitle files, there's not much secret: either you use a specific program for it, like OpenSubtitles, or you just create a "txt" file in Windows, changing the ending to "srt" and adding the time and text for each one. part of the subtitle.

If you have no subtitling experience, we really recommend OpenSubtitles, as it does most of the work for you. Click here to download it.

With your subtitle file ready to go, go to YouTube and select the video you want to add the text to. Just below the player you will see a message saying “Drag or drop SRT or Zipped srt file…” meaning that the Chrome extension is working and that you can simply drag the subtitle file to the video to add it.

Then browse for the “srt” file you created, select it and drag it to the video player. The extension will recognize the file and automatically place it in the video, showing the message “Subtitle upload complete” to confirm the process.

To see the end result, just watch the video right away and see your subtitles appearing according to the time you specified.

If you notice that you made a sync error, just change the "srt" file and drag the right version to the video player again. This way you can send these files to your friends so they can watch any YouTube video with the confidence that they will understand everything you say.

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