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Apple held a new Mac unveiling event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The live broadcast began at 3 pm today, October 27, 2016, and began with video addressing tools for greater accessibility to people with disabilities. The video was aired to reveal a new website dedicated to the subject. After that, the company showed the success of its new devices and its iOS 10, provoking the rivals of Google. Then Apple unveiled its new TV-oriented application for then the main moment of the day: the new line of Macbook Pro!

To announce its new site aimed at accessibility for people with disabilities to the new Mac, the video presented showed several uses. The presentation showed people with hearing, visual and mobility problems by working with the company's various software, adapted to their needs. Access the site through the link.

Apple CEO Tim Cook then spoke about the recent success of Apple's new devices, such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, and the newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Teasing Google, the executive showed a graph revealing that in the first month, 60% of users had already migrated to iOS 10, while less than 1% of Android users had not yet upgraded their phones to Android Nougat.

The first product advertised was the TV app, which aims to unify all TV and movie services in one place. The app will allow you to search for any type of program independent of the service, as well as display a unified list of shows that have not yet finished watching. You can use the Siri wizard to find live shows, recommendations, or to continue watching a movie or serial episode.

New Mac Unveiling Event: A Small Space for Apple TV

The app will be free and will arrive as an update to Apple TV, iPhone and iPad in December in the US. It was also announced the release of a version of Minecraft for Apple TV, which will also be able to play with iPhone and iPad players.

New Mac Unveiling Event: Apple Computer History and a Big Breakthrough

Making a parallel with Powerbook, Apple's first notebook released 25 years ago that same week. Apple has announced its new line of Macbook Pros, the most powerful and lightest of its machines.

The line features a new aluminum design, in sizes between 13 ”and 15” and is the thinnest MacBook ever created by the company. The 13 ”models are 17% thinner and 23% less bulky than previous generation models and weigh 3 lbs. The 15 ”model will also be thinner and less bulky than the previous MacBook Pro, weighing 5 pounds. The same cannot be said about the trackpad, which is twice the width of the previous one.

The biggest news of the new Mac reveal event is the abolition of the function keys - the line from F1 to F12. The buttons will be replaced with a new function bar called Touch Bar. The bar has taken the most time in the presentation and adapts its buttons according to their use. The bar will be multitouch, allowing up to 10 simultaneous finger touches and can be used simultaneously with the trackpad. Among the endless possibilities, she will help you edit images and even give you quick suggestions for words you are typing, as happens on smartphones and tablets.

The bar was not the only news, with the inclusion of the Touch ID system also on Mac computers, allowing you to log in with your fingerprints. Among the features, you will be able to confirm purchases using Apple Pay with your fingerprints. You can also customize the Touch Bar according to the number of people who will use the computer. You can register other users with Touch ID, and when someone else takes over your computer and puts your fingerprint, the Mac returns the computer where that user left off.

New Line Specifications

The technical specifications of the new Mac computer were also revealed. 15 ”machines will come with Intel Core i7 Quad-core processor with 2133 MHz memory, 16GB memory, 14nm GPU Radeon Pro graphics card, Polaris architecture, capable of supporting up to 4GB of VRAM and up to 2.3x times faster than the board used in the predecessors. Storage will be done via Superfast SSD, with a transfer speed of 3.1 GB / s and will allow up to 2TB of files. Check below the comparisons of MacBookPro models against the previous generation.

MacBook Pro Model 13 ”Technical Specifications:

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What was your favorite moment of the new Mac revelation event? In particular, we find the possibilities and agility of image editing in conjunction with Photoshop incredible, but we are sure the possibilities will be endless! Will Touch Bar become standard in the market? Comment with us!

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