Apple surprises with red iPhone 7 and new iPad

Apple always tends to mark a special event to announce new products or models of its existing devices, but it didn't happen this afternoon. Without much ceremony, the company simply decided to announce a new color for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as a new iPad model. Despite the surprises, some of these ads happened for a good cause. If you want to know more about it, just check out our detailed article below!

red iPhone 7

As we mentioned, the highlight of the day was the announcement of a red iPhone 7, a color never seen on Apple smartphones before. In fact, this color is quite unusual in any kind of modern smartphone and was specially chosen to promote the charity called RED, with which Apple has been partnering for over 10 years.

The institution helps fight AIDS and this was not the first time they had joined Apple in such a campaign. In previous years, the partnership has yielded special editions of an iPod Nano, a protective iPad case, and an Apple Watch strap.

Interestingly, a Japanese blog had already predicted the arrival of a red iPhone to the market last year, not to mention that it would be for a special campaign.

It is worth mentioning that, like the Jet Black model, the red iPhone 7 will be sold with storage capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB. The price will be the same as other models, but their sales will raise money to fight AIDS.

For now, there is no mention of whether this will be a limited edition or whether Apple will continue to produce red iPhone 7 throughout the smartphone sales cycle.

New iPad

In addition to the beautiful red iPhone 7, Apple also announced a new iPad model completely by surprise. Like so many of its predecessors, the tablet is 9.7 inches and was simply dubbed the "iPad."

It's like an enhanced version of the iPad Air 2 and will sell for the modest starting price of $ 329 for the 32 GB model. This means that it is much cheaper than the iPad Pro models (both the original and the smaller model), but slightly more expensive than the iPad Mini 4.

Interestingly, Apple has completely removed iPad Air models from its online store, implying that it has put an end to this line and that the simple "iPad" has come to replace it.

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