Best 10 Accessories for Galaxy S7

Currently considered the best Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has enough power to run all kinds of applications, as well as being compatible with accessories that require high performance of the device, such as virtual reality glasses. We've put together 10 of the best types of Galaxy S7 accessories, with different functions that expand the device's potential, whether to improve battery life, provide greater protection or access apps that couldn't be used with just the phone.

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1. Samsung Gear VR

One of the main possibilities of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android Nougat is compatibility with virtual reality technology. This accessory gives you greater immersion in games, apps or movies, transporting you to these worlds. Technology is considered the future of gaming and truly brings a unique experience, even if it is still in its early stages. Click the link to learn more about the Samsung Gear VR.

2. Wireless Battery Charger

While current phones are not yet shipped with battery chargers, the only way to do this is to use other devices that allow you to charge your device without increasing the amount of tangled wires in your home. Wireless battery chargers typically consist of cradles where you can dock your smartphone. But be careful before adopting such an accessory as it has a few setbacks, as explained in that text.

3. Covers

One of the widest range Galaxy S7 accessories. With different types of materials and with various features spread over different price ranges, the covers can have enhanced protection - such as Gorilla Shield - if they focus on protection against water or dirt or even work as a wallet, for example. So it is worth researching which one best meets your demands while being at the right price for your bank account.

4. Portable charger

While the wireless charger lets you not use wires when charging your smartphone, the portable charger is one of the best accessories for the Galaxy S7. Useful in emergencies, it can prevent your phone's battery from discharging when you are away from home or somewhere that could plug into a wall outlet or computer, for example. There are portable chargers of different power, usually with the most expensive being able to charge phones more often without having to reclaim their battery as well. Click on the link to know one of the models.

5. Stand for tripod

Perfect for those who want to use their phone to record videos and take pictures without the risk of shaking. Tripods support flat terrain and are also divided into several categories, such as some that use magnets to attach the phone to any metal surface. For YouTube beginners who don't have professional stuff, for example, using a tripod and smartphone camera is a great way to get started. Click on the link to see one of the most affordable models of the accessory.

6. Google Cardboard

If you found Samsung VR expensive, there is a very cheap alternative to virtual reality with Google Cardboard. Using cardboard, you can change the structure to better fit your eyes. While not the same quality as specialized eyewear, the accessory is a good choice for smaller pockets to also take advantage of what technology has to offer. The device is already sold in Brazil with price around $ 100.

7. Samsung Level U Pro

One of the best headphones for the Galaxy S7, the Samsung Level U Pro saves no price. On the other hand, it has one of the best sound qualities, besides being one of the few that has two microphones for better capture of UHQ sound and audio. In addition to its quality, it has a comfortable design and is resistant to water and dirt, making it a good choice for exercise. The headphone is available in Brazil in the range of $ 500.00.

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8. MicroSD Cards

The lack of space to use MicroSD cards was one of the biggest problems the Galaxy S6 was, limiting the storage capacity of users. This bug was fixed at the launch of the Galaxy S7, allowing it to save more photos, videos, documents and applications on the device. One of the most used cards is the 64GB, although there are options with smaller or larger storage capacity, which directly influences the stuck. The type of MicroSD quoted here can be purchased in stores and ecommerces in the range of $ 100 to $ 120.

9. Samsung Gear Fit 2

Perfect for those who exercise and lead a “fitness” life, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a bracelet designed exclusively for this type of activity. It tracks your performance in a variety of workouts, as well as connecting with Bluetooth headsets and using GPS tracking to record your path in sports that cover distance, such as running or jogging. Click the link to learn more about the smartwatch, which can connect to the Galaxy S7.

10. Vehicle Charger

Rounding out the list of best accessories for Galaxy S7, the car charger may be more useful than the laptop for those who spend most of their day driving in their car. Through the bracket, you can dock it to use your car's battery and charge your mobile phone while on the road, eliminating the risk of the mobile phone discharging while experiencing unforeseen events such as bottled traffic. Click on the link to see one of several available models.

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With 10 of the best types of accessories you can use on your new smartphone, we pass the ball to you: which one do you use the most in your daily life? Have we forgotten any peripherals you think should be on the list? Leave your comment!

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