Best 18 iPhone 7 Covers

The iPhone 7 arrived in Brazil and obviously the iPhone 7 cases began to be sold, both in official stores and companies that create their own models, with different materials or features. The main one, however, is to protect the phone from impact or dust and, in some cases, even water. We've put together 18 choices of the best iPhone 7 cases on the market, which you can see below!

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1. Apple's official silicone case

Along with the iPhone 7 was also launched its official silicone cases, available in different colors so that the user can select the one you prefer. The cover is simple, providing simple protection designed to be compatible with the buttons of the device, not hindering its use. It also has a microfiber layer on the inside to prevent scratching. Click the link to check out Apple's official silicone case.

2. Apple Official Leather Case

With the same functions as the previous case, you can also purchase leather-covered iPhone 7 cases. Material change results in smoother touch and an aging tone to the back of the smartphone. On the other hand, it is a cover more expensive than silicone. Check out more about the black leather cover at the link.

3. Custom Plastic Covers

It is possible to purchase unofficial covers printed in different types of arts. They are usually considerably cheaper than official covers, but they are made of plastic and do not offer as much protection. On the other hand, you can buy one that best fits your style. They are also useful when you can't spend hundreds of dollars on a better quality cover. Click the link to check one out.

4. Tech21 Evo Mesh

The Tech21 case has three layers, providing greater protection to the iPhone 7, which can be dropped from a height up to 30 meters. It has a half metallic design with holes, like a grill, which you can see in the picture below.

5. Moshi iPhone 7 Napa Leather Case

Unlike most leather iPhone 7 cases, the Moshi case not only focuses on style, but provides more protection than its market counterparts. Its leather is synthetic, meaning it is not made with animal skin, perfect for those who are against animal exploitation for this purpose. It also has an inner layer for protection and connections made in aluminum.

6. Otterbox Cases

One of the safest covers available. Like the Tech21, it comes with three layers of fall protection. Still, it doesn't increase the thickness of the smartphone much, offering a good mix of protection without sacrificing style.

7. Lifeproof

The iPhone 7 is the model with the greatest protection against water effects, allowing it to resist damage for 30 minutes up to 90cm deep. The Lifeproof cover extends this protection, roughly doubling the depth and time that the phone can be submerged. In addition, it also improves protection against impacts from falls, ensuring safety if the phone falls from a height of up to 20 meters.

8. Smart Battery Case

One of Apple's own iPhone 7 cases, the Smart Battery Case goes beyond offering protection against damage. In addition to this, it has a battery which, when coupled with the phone, extends its battery life to up to 22 hours of 4G navigation when the batteries are full. Click the link to check out the official Smart Battery Case.

9. SlickWraps Spigen

If you're not so concerned about adding protection to your iPhone 7 and prefer to wear a case that reflects your personality, SlickWraps Spigen is an option to consider. Especially if your personality is a fan of superheroes or iconic pop culture works like Star Wars. Check out one of his designs, inspired by the character Boba Fett.

10. Oligar Ultra-Thin Clear Case

This is one of the iPhone 7 cases for those who do not like to be displaying the cover, but the phone itself. Ultra-thin, it protects the phone from scratches only. Despite this, she does not stick and does not go out for any reason, such as getting stuck in a pocket.

11. Mophie

An alternative to Apple's Smart Battery Case, Mophie also extends the battery life of your iPhone 7. But this case goes further, with a magnetic surface that turns the iPhone into a kind of modular phone, allowing you to attach various types of accessories. .

The brand has several models, such as one that has a card holder in the rear door and one that come with cables that allow you to change the connector pattern of the Lightning port to Micro USB and vice versa.

12. Milk and Honey

A type of cover that brings mixed material in its composition. While the bottom is covered with leather, the top is made of TPU. The bottom offers greater handling comfort while the top offers greater protection against damage such as impact and scratching. The leather part also allows you to carry a card with you, such as the public transport or your identity.

13. Ollo Case

One of the iPhone 7 cases with more features than protecting the phone, the Ollo Case comes with a lens set to enhance camera performance. The standard set features a fisheye lens, angled lens and one that allows up to 15x zoom.

14. Mozo Wood

A wooden case, Mozo Wood has the standard functions of a cell phone case. That is, it only provides a little protection and has been adapted so that it doesn't disturb the use of iPhone 7 buttons.

15. Access Case 2

The Access Case 2 is a kind of “wallet case”. This means that in addition to involving the phone, it has some spaces to put cards or documents that have the same format, for example. In addition, it has a magnet on the back, which you can use to attach the iPhone to surfaces such as walls.

16. Jimmy Case

One of the iPhone 7 cases that also serves as a wallet. However, Jimmy Case has the largest card and cash storage space with six entries, while most cases in this style have only three or four. The cover also protects against any falls, impacts and scratches.

17. Carved Traveler Case

A one-of-a-kind case for the Apple smartphone. Although similar to the Mozo Wood model, Carved goes a little further than offering wooden covers. The company also has different engravings on wood, allowing you to choose your favorite. In addition to the outside, the inside of the case also comes with engraving.

18. Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

A cover that values ​​protection more than aesthetics. But instead of covering the back of the phone like most covers, the Rhino Shield is positioned on the side, extending just a little forward and backward. The cover guarantees fall protection of up to just over three meters.

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What type of iPhone 7 cases do you prefer?

There are several types of cover you can use, whether you prefer protection or just to make your phone more stylish. Which of these iPhone 7 cases is your favorite? Comment with us and share our suggestions on your social networks!

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