Best Kodi Addons: 10 Extensions You Need to Install

If you have been following the latest articles on the site, you have probably seen our Kodi tutorials. This app can be used on both PC and Android and even video games like Xbox One.

It is the best (and free!) Solution for watching movies and shows on these devices today. Best of all, Kodi is free!

In addition, its architecture was made in open source. That means developers can create extensions, which expands the number of things Kodi can do. For example, you can watch Internet TV through these extensions.

So we could not fail to mention which are the best Kodi addons. These extensions may have different purposes.

Interested in how you can improve your experience with the already popular app? Then check out our list of the best Kodi addons!

1. ExpressVPN

The first item on the list of best Kodi addons is not just a recommendation, but a necessity. Especially if you are looking for ways to watch TV online.

ExpressVPN masks the source of your connection. That is, any extension that attempts to search for your location information - useful for accessing region-locked content - will not be able to find your actual location.

In addition, VPN can prevent data theft and espionage attempts by encrypting your browsing. For streaming services or internet televisions, this is essential as it will protect your connection against possible theft attempts.

There are free VPN addons for Kodi. We do not recommend them as they may end up subject to the collection of information from the developers themselves. By subscribing to a paid VPN such as ExpressVPN, you are entering into a service agreement and may call for legal services to claim compensation for any damages.

That is, ExpressVPN is required by law to maintain your digital security while using the app. Click the link to learn more about the extension.

Tip : Remember that, aside from ExpressVPN mentioned now, all the best Kodi addons we will show below are available in the app's own extension library.

2. NordesTV

Now that we've talked about the need to include a security addon to enjoy the best Kodi addons with peace of mind, we can start talking about fun.

In this regard, we started with NordesTV. Recently launched, the app has several channels, separated into four categories: Movies, Series, TV Channels and Radio. It is worth noting that a good portion of the channels provided by NordesTV are functional.

3. Exodus

Exodus is best known among the best Kodi addons. Although there was a time without updates, the extension was updated again, getting much better than the original.

In addition, Exodus broadcasts are usually stable and work perfectly. It allows you to follow movie and series streams, categorizing options according to movie genre, popularity or year of release, among others.

4. Megabox

Another very complete Kodi addon, Megabox has its own collection of movies and series to watch online. In addition, you can watch YouTube videos and access different IPTV channels.

Like the other extensions listed so far, the content available on Megabox is also easily accessible and hardly buggy. It also lets you watch online TV on a paid subscription.

5. Fire HD TV

If you want an extension that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies, but without having to change channels to watch the soap opera, then TV Fogo HD may be a more interesting alternative.

It is one of the few addons that allow you to follow Brazilian TV over the internet. That is, you will hardly have to change channels or switch devices to watch your programs.

6. Covenant

Although it is also used to watch movies, series and internet TV channels, Covenant is among the best Kodi addons for those who like to have their lists organized.

The extension offers different types of categorization for your content. Release date, type of movie, newly released films and even Oscar-winning feature films can be part of the organization. The same is true for the series.

7. FlixPlay

Like TV Fogo, FlixPlay also focuses on the Brazilian audience. This means that he is one of the few to offer dubbed movies in his collection, along with subtitles.

It has one of the simplest interfaces to use, making it easy to start watching your favorite show in no time. In addition to the usual movies and series, FlixPlay also has access to radios.

8. Winged TV

If you live in Brazil or Portugal, Alado TV is also a good alternative for those looking for the best Kodi addons. It allows access to almost all channels of the two Portuguese-speaking countries.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this is the only service offered by the extension, which does not have its own collection of movies to watch over the internet.

9. MMFilms

Another perfect extension for movie buffs. Like FlixPlay, its catalog also features dubbed and subtitled movies. It features recent and classic film productions.

It gives access to movies only, not counting channels or series. However, it is one of the easiest and fastest to install, ideal for those with little time.

10. OnePlay HD

Finishing the list of the best Kodi addons, we have OnePlay HD. One of the latest extensions to the app library, it is also one of the most complete.

That is, you can use it to watch movies, series, and online TV channels. In addition, there are virtually no errors or bugs in the transmission of content, providing an easy, smooth and uninterrupted experience.

What are the best Kodi addons for you?

Have you tried some of the options on this list? What's your favorite extension for Kodi? Comment with us and tell us why you like these addons so much!

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