Check out the main news of Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow, the new version of Google's operating system, is already coming to Nexus line devices and should not be long until it is available for devices from other manufacturers as well, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.

But there are still a lot of people who don't know what really changes with this new version of Android or what we can expect with the update. This time, Google has made the visual aspect very similar to what we already know, focusing entirely on new features and functions useful for everyday use. If you are curious to know more about it, just check our list with the main news of Android Marshmallow!

1. App Permissions

Anyone who has an Android device knows how annoying it is to have to agree to all permissions requested by apps when we install them. Sometimes we see something we kind of disagree with in a normal whitelist, but we eventually have to agree on everything to install the app.

With Android Marshmallow, that totally changes. It will now be possible to accept or refuse permissions individually, making the user feel safer by not having to live with permissions that make no sense or seem somewhat suspicious.

Another plus point is that you will now be asked about permissions when using an app function and not when installing the app on your device. This ensures that you know how permissions are used and prevents the application from acting maliciously.

Best of all, you can also modify your permission decision in your settings at any time, which means that something that was previously declined can easily be accepted at another time.

2. Internet Experience

Thinking about the way Android users use the internet on a daily basis, Google decided to give a general improvement in the way the Google Chrome browser can be used on smartphones and tablets. It became apparent to the company that it would be much more beneficial to its users if they didn't have to open their browser app every time they needed to search or check something in Chrome.

This gave the idea of ​​custom tabs, which can be opened individually at any time and much faster without the need to launch the browser app. It also makes the transition and use of the browser and other applications much more intuitive for use on mobile devices.

3. Support for fingerprint

The expected support for digital printing has finally come to Android! Unlike Apple devices, which are all standardized and the same, Android is on hundreds of different devices, and you can't control whether they all have a built-in feature like Touch iD (which recognizes user impressions).

As a result, Google has decided to bring fingerprint scanning compatibility so that all devices running Android Marshmallow can use the function without the need for a specific feature on the device's hardware.

This can be used both to unlock your smartphone more securely, and will ensure that only you can shop at online stores (like Google Play) and real stores that accept payment with your mobile device.

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4. Mobile Payments

Speaking of mobile payments, this is exactly one of the coolest news from Marshmallow. Google has developed Android Pay, a feature that focuses on physical store payments that can only be made using your smartphone or tablet.

All you need to do is set up the credit or debit cards you have with the Google-built app and you can easily pay for your purchases at any merchant that supports the feature. Of course for now this is only being used in the United States (in over a million stores already!), But soon we should see it spreading to the rest of the world.

This feature will be compatible with any device that has the NFC function (which makes it possible to use the device to make payments as a credit card) and already supports most of the most used card companies in the world.

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5. Links opening in the right app

One of the most annoying things Android usually does is always ask us where to open certain links. He usually doesn't know whether to open a YouTube video in our web browser or the official YouTube app and ends up leaving the question unanswered by the user himself, for example.

Fortunately, Google has managed to make its operating system smarter this time around, and Android will now open links in applications that directly support the content to be viewed. That is, the videos will finally take you straight to the official YouTube app, without you having to ask for it.

According to Google itself, this will be one of the least perceived changes by users, but will greatly improve and facilitate the daily use of the system.

6. Improved battery life

Most Android device batteries can't be replaced with better or longer-lasting batteries, but with a new Marshmallow feature, you can greatly improve your battery life and the way your charge is used.

The new feature, dubbed “Twelve, ” will use motion detectors to see if your device has not been in use for a while, such as when the user is sleeping or when the device has been set aside during the day.

This will cause Android to significantly reduce the use and running of background processes and applications, so that their load is preserved and lasts up to twice as long compared to other versions of Android.

7. More functional copy and paste

It may not seem like such a big deal at first glance, but if you think about it, we end up using a lot of copying, pasting and cropping on our Android devices, especially when we want to share a link or a piece of text with someone.

So far, we had only a few confusing icons appearing at the top of the screen when we needed to copy or paste. This led users to make frequent errors and have to repeat the process when they forgot the meanings of each icon. Now Marshmallow has simplified everything and replaced the icons with the words "cut", "copy" and "paste" that should appear when you select something. This makes the layout very similar to the way it works on Apple devices and makes it much easier to use in everyday life.

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So, what do you think about the news of Android Marshmallow? Be sure to leave your comment saying if you liked the Android changes and if you already know if your device will receive the update from Google!

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