Complete Guide: How to Increase Instagram Followers with Bume!

Instagram is perhaps the most vivid network compared to other social media. We say this because the key to getting more followers is interaction itself. By liking and commenting on posts, your chances of getting new followers is greatly increased, as well as your own posts and the proper use of hashtags.

Because of this, some companies have created solutions to help digital marketers leverage their numbers, enabling them to schedule automatic Instagram interactions. One such software is Bume, which in addition to interactions allows you to schedule publications on the platform. See below for our complete guide to growing Instagram followers with Bume!

Creating your account and first settings

1 - Go to the Bume website in your browser and click Start Free Trial ;

2 - Enter your personal data, such as name, email, password and phone, clicking Register when finished;

3 - After registering, carefully read the rules for using Bume and click Confirm if your account is in the required standard;

4 - Link your Instagram account with Bume's by entering your Instagram profile username and password;

5 - Select three competing profiles: will be the first three parameters of automatic interactions of Bume, which will like posts and follow profiles that follow the users you mentioned;

6 - After completing these steps, your account is ready for use. In the account pane, click the Dashboard button on the account card you just added;

7 - As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are several options for increasing Instagram followers with Bume. They are arranged in a bar at the top of your dashboard, with options to schedule posts, public, set up your account and automatic directs, among others. To get started, click Schedule Publication ;

How to schedule publications with Bume

1 - After clicking the above button, you can schedule your first Instagram post with the tool by clicking another button called Schedule Post . Remember that it is still in beta and some errors can happen in its use. Another note is that the tool for scheduling posts for now allows only creating posts with an image;

2 - Click Select image to upload your first photo;

3 - Choose which image to use in the post and make the edits you believe are necessary. Click Preview to see a preview;

4 - If you need to retouch, click the Edit button to return to the previous menu. If everything is ok, click Save to finish inserting the image;

5 - After including the image, you can define the caption of the photo. Bume has a character counter so you know exactly how many characters you can still put, as well as a hashtag counter, making it easy to stay within Instagram's boundaries. Write the caption;

6 - Set the day and time when this post should be posted on Instagram;

7 - Finally, click Schedule to finish publishing and leave it scheduled.

How to set up automatic interactions in Bume

1 - Return to the control panel and click Audience to define how Bume's automatic interactions will happen;

2 - Click on the Add Reference button;

3 - Choose which category you want to search or prefer to search in all. Bume lets you search for profiles, hashtags, and locations;

4 - Type the term you want to find posts and interact with by clicking the Search button;

5 - Click on the + sign when you want to add the references you find;

6 - Check out the full list of references - and the ones you just added! - with which Bume is working on the main screen;

How to configure automatic directs in Bume

1 - Return to the control panel and select the option Direct messages to configure Bume automatic directs;

2 - Click on Add messages to create your first automatic direct templates;

3 - To enable or disable Bume's automatic sending of Instagram directs, click the button next to the Say Send Direct Messages (DM) to New Followers ;

4 - Be sure to click on Tips to know how to configure automatic messages;

5 - Type the message template in the text box and leave the Ready to send option enabled. If you do not want to use a template, you can uncheck this box or click the trashcan icon. Remember that the second option will cause you to rewrite the message if you regret it;

6 - Click Add Message to create a new template;

7 - Check out all the message templates you are using in the main screen;

Tip: Bume recommends that you have at least 10 automatic message templates to prevent your automatic directs from being spammed by Instagram.

Tinkering with Bume's General Settings

1 - Return to the control panel and click Settings to adjust the details about your automatic Instagram interactions;

2 - The first configuration you must define are the activities that Bume will perform in relation to the terms configured in the Audience tab. In Engagement Likes, you will enable or disable automatic likes. The Follow button allows you to allow or disallow Bume to follow new profiles and, at Unfollow, will enable automatic unfollows and whether they will only unfollow profiles that Bume has followed or whether it can unfollow manually followed profiles as well. ;

3 - Next, you should set the maximum number of profiles you can follow on Instagram. After reaching this maximum number, Bume will automatically unfollow and then fetch new profiles to follow;

4 - Although the speed of activities is also managed automatically, the user can also set the pace for likes and auto follow on Instagram. To make Bume not set the speed automatically, just click the Automatic button under Speed .

Then you can choose Normal, Fast or Super Fast speeds. It's worth the reminder here that if your profile posts posts and follows you extremely fast, Instagram can interpret your account as a bot.

5 - As shown in the screenshot above, you can also define which genre - or if all - Bume should follow automatically and whether the platform can follow public and private or only public profiles. Our recommendation is to follow only public profiles as they increase your possibilities for interaction;

6 - Finally, the last option of the settings screen allows you to pause your account activities. When you click it, Bume will stop liking and automatically follow until you choose to resume activities. Click the Pause Account button to do this. You can use this option if you have to perform manual interactions and do not want to end up increasing the number of interactions, avoiding having your account locked due to suspected bots;

7 - To resume Bume's automatic activities, simply return to the Settings menu and click the pause button again.

How to set up safe lists in Bume

1 - Safe lists are profiles that will be protected from automatic unfollow activity in Bume, ie, that Bume will not stop following in any cycle. It is also possible to configure a kind of “blacklist”, ie a list with profiles that Bume should never follow. Return to the control panel and tap the Safe Lists button;

2 - Click on the + sign next to Unfollow to search for users that Bume cannot unfollow;

3 - Type the Instagram username of the profile you want to include in the list;

4 - Click on the Search button;

5 - Click on the + next to the user to include him in the list;

6 - Again, click on the + sign, but this time, next to Do Not Follow ;

7 - As you did in the previous list, search for the username you do not want Bume to follow, click the Search button and the + sign next to the user to include you in the ban list;

8 - Review both lists on the main screen.

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