Complete Tutorial: How to Install Windows on Your Mac

We can't always count on programs made especially for Mac, as many of them are made for Windows and not adapted to Mac OSX. For these cases, if the method of running Windows programs doesn't work, you can always create a partition and install the full Microsoft system on your Mac using Bootcamp.

Bootcamp is a native Mac program to install another operating system, all quickly and simply, giving no layman a headache. Without further ado, see below how to install Windows on your Mac!

Step 1 - See if Your Computer Is Compatible

Not every Mac is compatible with Windows, so you need to take some care and confirm some information. Apple's official website recommends the following configuration:

Step 2 - Download Windows 10

With a compatible computer ready, it's time to get Windows 10 ready for installation. Before that you need to have an ISO file, which is nothing more than the digital version of a system installation CD. For those who do not have a copy of Windows 10, simply download the file from the official Microsoft website. Remember that doing this does not eliminate the need for an original (serial) Windows 10 license.

Click here to download the original Windows 10 ISO.

Step 3- Open Bootcamp Wizard

With a compatible computer and Windows 10 ISO downloaded, now is the time to open Boot Camp and configure everything. To do this, just hit the Command + Space combination or simply go to the Magnifying Glass in the upper right corner of the screen and type " Boot Camp ". Click on the first option.

You will see a screen similar to this one. Read carefully and click Continue.

WARNING : Before continuing the process, back up your most important files. It is very difficult to have an installation problem, but it is always good to be cautious.

Step 4- Prepare the USB stick and files

Now is the time to insert your 8GB or more USB stick. Wait for the system to recognize it on the desktop and then continue the installation. You will see this image below. Leave all options selected and click Continue (or Continue if your Mac is in English).

The next screen will ask you to enter the Windows ISO and format the pendrive. Click Browse and select the ISO you downloaded from the Microsoft website.

The ISO files will be transferred to the flash drive and you're done. It is ready to install Windows on your Mac.

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Step 5 - Adjust the Partitions and Install

Once you have all the files on your thumb drive, click Continue and you will see a screen like the one below.

Here you will select the size of the partitions, basically how much memory each operating system will have. Choose the one that suits you best or click Split Equally / Divide Equally so that both systems have the same hard disk size.

Then click Install and Windows will begin to install on your Mac. From there it will take some time and even restart on its own. Let it work uninterrupted.

After restarting, the computer will enter the Windows installation screen. Now just follow the steps normally, but paying attention to one detail: click on the Bootcamp disk when choosing the installation location of Windows, as in the image:

Step 6 - Enjoy!

And that's it. You should now have a Mac running Windows and OSX at the same time. To get from one system to another just reboot the machine and choose which system you want to run on boot.

Did you install Windows on Mac?

Did you like these tips? Did you have any problem? Be sure to comment below, we will love to help you!

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