Convert PDF to JPG: 5 Best Apps

Documents read by Adobe Reader and their alternatives are the easiest to read - for ebooks - or safer to share if you need to send documents. But what happens when we need to make changes to a file, such as an article, school work, or college? The way is to resort to applications that can convert PDF to JPG.

If you are a freelancer and use websites to work at home and earn money online, you have probably already received PDF files that you needed to print, sign, scan and then resubmit to who is hiring you. When converting PDF to JPG, you can include your digital signature.

Functionality is available in some PDF editors, but usually as a paid function. Therefore, perhaps it is best to do the conversion.

There are not many websites and applications that allow you to convert PDF to JPG efficiently. To help you with this task and end up not using malicious or malicious websites, we search and choose the best options.

Check it out below and start testing them!

1. SmallPDF

This site has a large number of options for converting files to PDF. In addition to turning your documents into images that can be used with editors or applications to create images, SmallPDF can also go the other way. That is, transform images into PDF documents.

You can also convert documents made in Microsoft Office to PDF. That is, your documents created in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be turned into more protected files by converting them to PDF.

Other features of SmallPDF include splitting PDFs into more than one file, combining multiple files into one, password-protecting the PDF, and rotating the pages of your document, among others.

Click the link to start using Small PDF in your browser.

2. PDF Candy

Another site to convert PDF to JPG with multiple functions. These include also converting images to PDF. In addition to image conversions, PDF Candy also makes it possible to convert other image formats. PNG, TIFF and BMP are some of the image formats that the app lets you turn into PDF.

Like SmallPDF, this site also works with converting Microsoft Office package files.

PDF Candy also brings an impressive range of features that go beyond converting PDF to JPG. You can convert web-formatted files like HTML and XML and even ebook extensions like Kindle Mobi.

Start using PDF Candy via the link.

3. To PDF

Simpler than the first two application options for converting PDF to JPG, the To PDF screen now lets you start sending files for conversion. But it is not limited to converting images.

You can also send text documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations for conversion. It also makes life easier for those who need to convert multiple files at once. With To PDF, you can upload up to 20 documents to become PDF.

In addition to conversions, To PDF lets you combine PDFs into one and compress PDFs. That is, shrink their size, which allows you to send documents on email servers that limit the transmission of heavy files.

Visit the link to start using To PDF.

4. iLovePDF

One of the best known free conversion tools. ILovePDF has several file options to turn into a PDF and vice versa.

That is, it goes beyond the basics of converting PDF to JPG. On the other hand, it does not transform other image formats to PDF, such as PNG or BMP.

ILovePDF also makes it possible to convert files created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF. The reverse can also be done. That is, convert PDF to these formats.

In addition, iLovePDF also lets you split and merge PDFs, compress to shrink files, and password protect PDFs.

Click the link to start using iLovePDF.

5. PDFElement Pro

Unlike websites for converting PDF to JPG, PDFElement Pro is software for downloading to your computer. Being paid makes it more reliable than other online tools.

Available for both Windows and Mac, this software converts images to PDF and vice versa. In addition, you can also use it as a PDF editor and convert Office suite files to the preferred format of Adobe Reader.

To learn more about PDFElement Pro, visit its page and see the features of each version.

Which application to convert PDF to JPG do you prefer?

Now that you know the best converter options, start testing them now! Most tools are free or have a trial period, so start to see which one best meets your demands.

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