Digital Book Reader: 8 Best Options

Shortly after the popularization of ebooks, it was estimated that electronic books would replace paper ones. This statement proved to be wrong, as literature fans carry a digital book reader with them, but do not neglect paper originals. That is, it is perfectly possible to download and read digital books and enjoy a good physical book.

That's because we don't even mention audiobook apps, perfect for those who like good stories or learning but have little patience or vision problems that make reading difficult.

That is, it is possible to say that physical and digital books live together on the shelves of houses and apartments. If you haven't had a chance to use a digital book reader yet, it might be the best time to buy one.

Usually they cost in the range of $ 200 or $ 300, depending on the features you want it to have. To help you with this task, we've put together 8 digital book reader options below. Know each one and define which one is right for you!

# 1 Digital Book Reader - Kindle

Amazon's digital book reader is the best known in the world, precisely because it is the pioneer in the field. Kindle's main attraction lies in its focus on reading books.

Unlike Android or iPhone phones, you don't receive notifications, social media apps, or anything like that. Kindle is for uninterrupted reading only.

# 2 - Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle is currently in its 8th generation, available in two major versions and two not available in Brazil. The first is the default, which we show in the item above. This version has no blue light and is ideal for reading before bed with a flashlight.

The other is Paperwhite, which allows you to read your books regardless of ambient light. In addition it brings a higher resolution screen compared to the standard edition.

# 3 - Kindle Oasis

A more advanced edition than Paperwhite, Oasis is not available in Brazil. Comparing to the previous item, Oasis brings an even bigger screen.

It also brings better illumination and automatic adjustments, which detect the ambient brightness and adapt the internal brightness to what is ideal in that environment. Perfect for that break at work, work you on the street or at home.

Kindle Oasis also features page turning buttons if you don't like having to slide your finger to continue your book.

# 4 - Lev Fit

Saraiva Bookstore also got into the wave and created its own digital book reader. Lev Fit is a better choice for those with many PDFs. Although Kindle also supports format, files are not shown in such an organized manner.

Lev Fit brings a technology that brings better formatting to ebooks in this format. The handset has 4 GB of storage which can be expanded when using memory cards. Like the standard Kindle, it has no internal lighting.

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Digital Book Reader # 5 - Lev Neo

It's for Lev Fit as Paperwhite is for the ordinary Kindle. That is, Lev Neo brings everything that Fit has, besides having internal lighting.

It features a 6 inch screen and doubles the storage of the original, allowing you to put up to 8 GB of ebooks in the device. You can also increase this capacity if you choose to insert a memory card into it.

# 6 - Kobo Clara HD

Another brand of digital book reader that has been popularizing and rivaling the Kindle. Like Kindle, the Kobo Clara HD was also created by a major ecommerce giant, Rakuten.

Like its rivals, Kobo allows you to read digital books purchased only at its online store, which in Brazil is represented by Livraria Cultura. It also lets you view files in formats like ePUB or PDF, perfect for reading ebooks that you got with these book download apps.

# 7 - Fire HD 10

One of the few items on the list that not only serves as a digital book reader. Fire HD 10, also created by Amazon, also serves as a media hub.

You can watch movies and series on it, whether they are stored in device memory or by accessing Netflix and its alternatives. You can also read your Kindle books on it, although this does not seem to be a major function of the device.

Digital Book Reader # 8 - iPad Mini

While the original iPad version can be used to read books, its weight can make the experience uncomfortable. IPad Mini solves this problem by making it a digital book reader option.

Like Fire HD 10, this is not its primary function as it is a complete tablet. That is, you will have access to social media and games for the iPad Mini, for example.

You can read books in a variety of formats, including Kindle ones. Just click on the link to download the app and access your Amazon ebook collection.

Why should you use a digital book reader?

Most of the gadgets we show on this list are perfect for reading as they bring no other distractions and allow you to train your focus, which is ideal for increasing your productivity.

In addition, the digital book reader is designed to emulate the feeling of holding a paper book. That is, its design is made with the intention of facilitating reading while conveying the feeling of familiarity. Have you tested any of these devices?

What do you think about ebooks and audiobooks? Comment with us!

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