Discovering Instagram Profile Connections and Activities

Whether it's to see if an old school contact has met other classmates from that time or discover the most talked about topics on social networks, a search on an Instagram profile can be quite revealing. There are some ways to make these discoveries, and while some are more useful for one purpose, others may serve better in another context. Because of this, here's how to discover connections and activities for an Instagram profile!

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See who's following

To find out what the people you follow are doing on Instagram, there is a fairly simple method to do this. Access the app on your Android, iPhone or iPad and click the heart icon in the bottom bar.

Then click Following at the top of the screen;

All activities will be shown on the next screen, sorted by most recent onwards. However, you can't see the activity of a specific Instagram profile, so you have to swipe across the screen to find the activity of the person you're looking for.

See the list of followers and people followed by an Instagram profile

Ideal for finding mutual friends, you can access the public list of users that a connection follows or is following. To do this, simply go to the profile of the person who wants to see the connections and click Followers or Following .

When you tap one of the options, the list of followers or followed will appear, with a search bar where you can enter the name and search directly.

After entering the name or profile, the list of users who agree with the term you entered appears, deleting all those who do not agree.

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Could you find lost contacts with these tips?

We believe these two methods are very effective at finding out what a contact might be doing or finding someone they haven't seen in a long time on the social network. Could you find someone through them? What do you also recommend to find an Instagram profile? Comment with us!

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