Durability Test: Is Pixel Really Rugged?

With Pixel available in stores, it's a wonder many people are wondering if Google's new smartphone is really worth it. If we think only of its technical settings and overall performance, the device is really very good, but is it as tough as its competitors? These durability tests often allow us to see if the smartphone body resists scratches, falls, scratches, and other common everyday damage. To know how Pixel did, just check the result below!

Is the Pixel sturdy?

Although they always seem a little fragile, the truth is that smartphones have become increasingly resistant over the years. If it was once easy to scratch or break the screen of your device, today it takes a little more effort to cause permanent data.

This is not to say that all mobile devices are perfect. By the way, you have to be very careful when choosing a new smartphone to make sure it offers the security and endurance you need. In the case of Pixel, it was not yet possible to know if Google had really made the best of its first official smartphone.

With its recent release, many websites and YouTube channels wasted no time in testing the device's stamina as usual. Among so many, the channel “JerryRigEverything” did a very complete test of the device, as you can see in the video below.

The smartphone was scratched in several parts, was burned and even passed the warping test, which became popular after the problems of the latest iPhones.

With the risks, Pixel fared relatively well. Only much more serious scratches could do some damage to the Gorilla Glass 4 glass of the smartphone screen, as expected. The glass panel at the rear, however, did not have the same strength and scratched more easily.

Still on the back of the phone, aluminum was tested with various types of scratches. With a knife you can leave permanent marks (which is normal for this material), but scratches made with keys or coins come out easily and leave no marks. This is great news considering that most scratches on the back of smartphones are made with these types of accessories and other models have not had the same durability as Pixel.

Another good news is that Pixel did not have the same fate as the iPhone in the famous warping test. When you try to push the smartphone from the back, you can even see the screen moving slightly, but it comes back quickly and no real damage is sustained. By pressing the device from the front, the mobile phone barely moves and proves its resistance against possible warping.

Finally, it was also possible to check how the device behaves when exposed to fire. Overall, you don't notice any real damage to his performance, but his screen ended up with a white dot that didn't return to normal later. However, it is very clear that Pixel can offer a good durability experience, but it still has certain flaws that should be fixed in later versions.

What did you think about the tests?

Can you get a better sense of Pixel's durability after seeing these tests? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think about the new Google smartphone!

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