English Study Apps: 15 Best Options

Learning English is almost a necessity these days, but not everyone has access to good language schools or time to attend them. The good news is that there are many great applications for studying English that can be used almost anywhere and anytime. To help you choose the app that best suits your needs, we've separated some of the best ones currently available from the list below. Check out!

1. SpeakingPal

SpeakingPal is a great app for those who want to learn to speak English, but have a much greater focus on conversation than just theoretical exercises.

The cool thing is that it provides several videos with people talking to get you familiar with the language without relying on subtitles, for example. You can download the app through this link.

2. Voxy

Voxy is a very popular app, already counting millions of users around the world. The interesting thing is that it adapts your exercises according to your level of knowledge and interesting.

Other than that, it still has classes from native speakers of the language you are learning, which is a big advantage. You can check out more about Voxy at this link.

3. AnkiApp

Many people who want to learn another language may find conventional methods a bit difficult, especially if they don't have much time to study everyday.

AnkiApp is just right to help with this, as it uses a card system with different words and terms so you can associate and learn them more efficiently. Click here to learn more about AnkiApp.

4. ESL Daily English

Already ESL Daily English is more focused for those who have some knowledge of English (whether basic or intermediate) and want to improve their skills.

The app has several topics that students can read and listen to and then put into practice with other users. This allows you to use the new words and subjects you learn, which helps to fix everything in your mind. Click here to check out more about the app.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best English study apps you'll find today. One of its main differentials is that it passes knowledge and exercises in a more fun way.

To encourage you to continue learning, Duolingo offers game-like mechanics where you can earn or lose points based on your use and effort. You can check out more about the app through this link.

6. Busuu

Busuu, on the other hand, bets on user interaction to further aid learning. It currently offers 12 different languages ​​to learn and allows you to speak with native speakers of the language of choice to learn faster.

Of course, you also have regular classes through the app, even to get a better feel for when to contact a foreigner. The cool thing is that you can write and record audios that can be evaluated directly by speaking the language natively. You can check out more about Busuu at this link.

7. Introduction to letters

This app is intended to teach you different uses of each letter of the English alphabet. You can choose one of the letters, for example, and it will show you how it can be used in many ways.

Other than that, the app also has several exercises and puzzles that you can solve to test your new knowledge. Click here to download.

8. Learn English

Learn English is an app more geared to those who already have a good sense of English but are looking to improve their pronunciation.

It features several short classes full of dialogues and interactive exercises. Because the app has voice recognition technology, it can hear the user and give their feedback right away. You can download it through this link.

9. MindSnacks

Like Duolingo, MindSnacks also tries to offer a more relaxed learning to keep the attention of its users. As you have to solve puzzles with each new subject learned, it is quite easy to retain the information.

There are several different languages ​​available today and the service can be used completely for free. Just click this link to learn a little more about MindSnacks and start using it.

10. Babbel

The Babbel app works similarly to Duolingo, but even offers more language options for you to learn. The app itself can be downloaded for free, but you still need to subscribe to use it.

Anyway, the app is very professional and focused on making its users really learn. It does not allow you to advance in other exercises if you do not demonstrate that you have really understood the previous lessons, for example. You can learn more about him at this link.

11. Memrise

Memrise is an app that focuses on memorizing words instead of ordinary exercises. The app has several modules depending on what the user already knows and what they really want to learn.

The app features no less than 300, 000 courses for over 200 different languages, including English. Best of all, you can download the app for free and use it at any time. Click here to learn more.

12. Brainscape

Brainscape has several cards for you to memorize various words, phrases and some English terms. This can be especially useful for those who have difficulty with more traditional methods, for example.

The app offers very detailed lessons for those who really want to delve into another language. Currently there is only a paid version, but it is worth checking. Click here to learn more!

13. Hello Hello

Hello Hello is a very interesting application that has several lessons for those who want to study English more efficiently. Each lesson is very practical and based on everyday situations, which is also an advantage for the student who wants to put the language into practice.

Since the lessons were recorded by native speakers, you also always have the correct pronunciation of the words. Click here to download

14. SentenceBuilder

SentenceBuilder offers many lessons, videos and even animations to teach common English phrases and expressions. Then there are exercises for users to assemble their own sentences with the words learned.

Another very interesting aspect is that it allows you to see your learning progress, which is also very useful. Click here to download

15. Supiki

Finally we have Supiki, which is one of the best apps for those studying English. Like others on our list, it is most recommended for those who already have some knowledge of the language and want to improve it.

The app has many subjects that you can learn and use to start conversations in English, which will help you to practice the language in practice. Click here to download the app.

Did you like the apps to study English?

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