Facebook: How to prevent friends from seeing your new friendships

Facebook is one of the best ways to access information about a friend as it records - and notifies you! - when they celebrate their “Facebook Friendship” anniversary or even when you start a new friendship with someone. If you don't care or prefer not to receive such notification (or your friends don't know), there is a very simple way to prevent this information from appearing in your profile feed. The process can be applied to all friends or specific people and the steps you can check out below!

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How to hide Friendship reminders on Facebook

1 - Login to your profile;

2 - Access the Activity Log ;

3 - Click More in the left menu, below Comments ;

4 - Enter the Friends menu;

5 - Click on the icon indicated in the screenshot below;

6 - Uncheck the corresponding boxes to no longer display the corresponding report types and confirm the OK button;

To disable reporting for a specific person

7 - Repeat steps 1 to 4;

8 - Click on the pencil icon next to a list notification;

9 - Choose Hidden from the Timeline .

Reminder: It is worth remembering that the process does not break the friendship with the person, only that Facebook will not show certain warnings like the anniversary of the day that accepted the friendship on the social network, among others.

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Could you hide notifications about any Facebook friends?

The process is quite simple and we believe it will bring no complications. However, if you have any questions about the steps in this tutorial, be sure to comment with us, and let us know if the process worked and the frequency of notifications has been reduced!

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