Facebook Page Ratings: How to Enable?

As with ecommerce sites, Facebook also allows users to rate your page. This can be done in two ways: quantitative assessment, in which a visitor assigns 1 to 5 stars to the page and their average is available on the page for others to see; or qualitative, in which the visitor leaves a text talking about their experience with the page or business behind it. Enabling Facebook page ratings is essential, as the way your page is reviewed by users directly influences the visibility of your posts on the social network. Check out below how to enable Facebook page ratings!

Access your page settings

As in the image above, go to your Facebook page and click the Page Settings tab.

Edit your Ratings permission

From the General menu, which is accessed as soon as you enter the settings, find the Ratings line and click Edit .

Enable Facebook Page Ratings

In the menu that opens, check Allow visitors to rate this Page . If it is already checked, no need to make any changes.

Once you've checked, simply click the Save Changes button for ratings to be enabled.

Checking Facebook Page Ratings

After enabling Facebook Page Ratings, you can check what your visitors have said about you or your brand by clicking on the stars inside the red box in the image above.

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Did you enable the assessments?

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