Facebook Stories: Learn how to create your stories in the Facebook app.

You probably can't take this news anymore, but again the Stories function has been launched in yet another Facebook app. To tell the truth, it was finally released on the native social networking app itself, after releasing functionality on Instagram and Messenger, and WhatsApp Status, which offers the same kind of publishing. As the app is the most used on both Android and iPhone, we believe it is quite possible that Facebook Stories will go off and be used a lot. That's why we've brought you a step-by-step how to create and publish your Facebook Stories posts!

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How to create your stories on Facebook Stories

1 - Open the Facebook app and click on Your Story to start creating your post .

2 - In the home screen, you can now choose the filters that will use. Sliding down will be a predefined sequence. To choose some other filter, touch the magic wand icon in the bottom left corner. Beside it, you can change the camera you are using, and in the lower right corner you access your gallery to choose which photo or video to use for your Facebook Stories post;

3 - See below the filter selection screen;

4 - Tap the lower center icon to take the photo or hold to start a video;

5 - The editing screen is very similar to other apps with Stories. In addition to the wand icon that performs the same function - as well as navigating the most commonly used filters by swiping down - the “Aa” icon for adding text has been added and, in the lower right corner, the pencil that lets you draw on the photo or video and the download button, allowing you to download media even before publishing;

6 - Tap the bottom center button to spread your story, which will be available for the next 24 hours in your friends' feed;

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Have you started trying Facebook Stories?

With a wide range of applications with the function, it is difficult to choose any favorite. Considering that only on Facebook Stories we have Power Rangers filters and Marvel movies, you are likely to find my stories with these filters only, but what about you? Do you want to migrate to the Facebook app or prefer to continue on the ones you were already using? Comment with us!

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