Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories: Which is the best?

Facebook has spread the Stories function across all its social networks and messengers. Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, Messenger Stories and now Facebook Stories complete the siege that Mark Zuckerberg's network makes to Snapchat. But with so many similar functions, aren't they too much to compare? Taking this into consideration, we tested the available features and features and put in the ring the newly launched Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories, the first social network to feature? Who wins? Check it out below!

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Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories: Ease of Use

In this regard, both Facebook and Instagram have similar paths. Just like Instagram just open the app to see stories and create your own, Facebook repeats the same model. However, they do have some punctual differences in the creation of stories. While Instagram Stories makes it easy to use your filters, Facebook Stories is geared toward using your lenses.

The editing tools are quite similar, as well as the way to use them. What we can define in this regard is that, even with differences and punctual focuses, Facebook and Instagram tie for ease of use and the choice of one or the other is according to the user's preference.

Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories Resources

Since Instagram Stories were released before Facebook Stories, we can easily declare Instagram's victory. While the newly released one is quite simple, with only the lens and standard editing tools (insert text, make drawings, etc.), Instagram lets you use Boomerang to create animated photos and a hands-free mode. record videos without hands. Note that it is also possible to include the filters of common Instagram posts in the stories.

For now, Facebook's only advantage over Instagram is in the lens. While Instagram's aren't as interesting, Facebook's have fun options, some made in partnership with movie studios like Marvel's. Check out our selection of the best and funniest!

Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories: Reach

Another tricky point to measure, as both social networks are extremely popular. While Instagram has the most daily interactions, Facebook still has an overwhelming majority of users. Considering that both Stories of each social network are positioned in the same way, we consider the number of users to measure this range.

So this time around is Facebook Stories, as its user base and ease of access can convert large numbers of people who have never come close to Snapchat or Instagram itself. That is, although Instagram Stories is currently more popular, it is possible that in a few months it will be more possible for your story to receive more views on Facebook.

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Facebook Stories vs Instagram Stories: Which is the best?

Given the similarities, features, and scope of each media, it becomes difficult to establish a winner for the dispute. Given the potential popularity of Facebook Stories and depending on new features coming out in the next updates, we may consider it the winner in a few months.

However, considering the state-of-the-art state of Instagram Stories and its high interaction potential and features already available, we consider it the best choice for publishing your stories. Our final recommendation, however, is to also keep an eye on what's coming to Facebook Stories as there is a possibility that it will outgrow its “brother” soon. Is that you? What of both? Do you think Facebook wins the contest? Comment with us!

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