Fortnite Android: 20 tips to do well in the game

Now that Fortnite Android has finally arrived, there is no doubt that a lot of new players will start trying it out. Since the game itself doesn't give you many tips on how to play well or what strategies you can use, it can be a bit tricky for beginners. Other than that, as the mobile version has some differences (especially in the controls), it can be difficult to get used even for those who have played other versions. That's why we have separated some of the best tips for you to do well in the game. Check out our list below!

1. Play in all modes

Fortnite Battle Royale has many modes available that you can try. Of course you can have a favorite, but it's important to play a little each if you want to improve on the game.

For starters, 50v50 mode turns out to be the best, as it allows you to move more freely around the map, train your aim, use different weapons, and eliminate enemies in your own time. Squad and Doubles modes are also important as you will be learning more about your surroundings and the enemies that can attack you at any time.

Solo mode is your biggest challenge, as it's harder to win on your own with 99 players. Try these modes gradually to find out what you like best, but be sure to play them all.

2. Don't Avoid Clashes

You can even spend most of the game hiding to be among the last survivors of the game, but it will never make you better in the game. The only way to improve your skills is to not run away from clashes.

In fact, many players prefer to go to more crowded areas to face multiple enemies and improve how they play. You don't have to do anything so rough at first, but it's good to look for clashes anyway.

3. Know the different weapons

You'll find many different weapons in the games you play, so it's a good time to get to know them and know in which situations they are effective. We say this so that you don't end up using a ranged weapon on a farther enemy, which can easily mean its elimination at the hands of your rival.

Pay attention to the damage weapons cause and how they can be used. It is also important that you do not stop using explosives as they can be extremely useful.

4. Know where the treasures are

Soon you will begin to find treasures on the map. They have a golden light and make a special noise when you're around.

These treasure chests are great for picking up multiple items at once, which may include weapons, shields and healing items. In general, they are always in the same places, so it is good to memorize the location of some of them around the map. This will give you a good advantage of items.

5. Make the challenges

Fortnite has weekly challenges that developers themselves release for free players and Battle Pass holders. You can earn some cosmetic items by meeting these challenges, but some of them are so difficult that they serve more to test your skills.

These challenges can make you have to kill enemies in specific places or using certain weapons. This is also a way to make the game more fun and diverse.

6. Customize the controls

Since you will be playing Fortnite Android, it is to be expected that the controls will be a problem. Playing such a competitive game on a touch screen is not easy, so we recommend that you change them as much as you can.

There are not so many options for customizing the controls, but you can change some more basic things. You can also change the way you aim and the sensitivity of your touch on the screen, which can already make a big difference.

7. Practice building

Building structures is one of Fortnite's most important factors, so you need to learn how to do it efficiently if you want to improve in the game. The transition between using your weapons and the option to build can be a bit boring, so it is good to train this.

Other than that, try to practice building stairs, floors and walls as quickly as possible and around you. In general, it is this type of structure that ends up being built in the last moments of the matches.

8. Know the map well

There is only one map in Fortnite Battle Royale, but it changes over the months. Still, the general regions remain the same in most respects.

This makes it easier to know the map in more detail. This is extremely important as you never know where you will have to go when the safe circle will close. Go to different locations in modes like 50v50 and try to familiarize yourself with possible shelters, vantage points, etc.

9. Pay attention to the audio

Fortnite sounds are extremely important and can be used to your advantage. Only with audio can you tell if anyone is nearby, if there are shots coming from any particular direction, if an enemy is building structures or even if there are any special items nearby. Wear headphones whenever you play on Android to get the most out of it and learn what the different sounds mean during your games.

10. Attack enemy structures

It's no use just attacking the enemies when you find them, because they will hide in their structures as soon as they notice any danger. You must attack the structures themselves with your weapons to leave enemies unprotected and to ensure that they run out of materials to build more things. The best tip is to shoot directly at the base of these structures, since anything above the base ends up falling with it.

11. Never Be Still

This is important in any shooting game, but it turns out to be a must for Fortnite Android. If you simply stand still or move in one direction, it is very likely that any enemy will hit you from afar and easily.

Keep moving even if you are with members of your team in an apparent safe place. It is best to create unpredictable movement by moving forward, backward and sideways at random. This makes it very difficult for your enemy to aim at you.

12. Skip a lot

In conjunction with your random move, you should also remember to jump a lot when confronted by enemies. This is a basic thing that all players do to avoid damage, so it's something you should train as soon as possible. Also train your aim while jumping, as this is how your attacks will happen 90% of the time.

13. Practice your aim

Since we mentioned that you should train your aim while jumping, it is worth recommending practicing it in any kind of situation. It's no use playing a game like Fortnite if you can't aim very well, but it can be improved with practice. On Android this turns out to be more complicated, as we mentioned, but just get used to the controls and use them to your advantage.

14. Pick up a lot of materials

You can't do much in this game if you don't collect materials. It is the iron, wood and stone materials that allow you to build structures and have the most advantage in the game, so don't forget to take these resources in abundance. This can be done by destroying anything you find ahead, whether it's cars, houses, rocks or other types of structures.

15. Watch the Storm

It's easy to focus on everything we mentioned on this list and forget the most important thing: escape the storm and take refuge in the safe circle. This is a way of keeping the surviving players in the same place, which forces the confrontation and the end of the game.

Either way, there will be a timer with the time left until the storm hits the circle. Also, you can see where the circle and storm are across the map. Just pay attention to it and you won't be caught off guard and die in the storm, which happens a lot to unsuspecting players.

16. Set up traps

Among the items you find on the map, you will come across traps you can set for other players. Most of them need to be placed in a structure, such as a parade or floor.

They are activated when a player steps or passes them and usually deal a lot of damage. This is not an efficient way to kill an enemy, but it can be used very well to protect yourself from approaching ones.

17. Watch your surroundings

Since you can't be sure where there are hidden players, you always need to be aware of your surroundings. This can be done by paying attention to visual or auditory signals.

In addition to trying to hear footsteps or gunshots, it's good to see if anything is destroyed or built nearby. This may indicate that someone has been or is there, for example. You get more sense of these things as you play the games, so it's something to practice.

18. Have weapons for different situations.

We already mentioned that you need to know and test the different weapons available in the game, but it is important to make use of this knowledge in practice. Instead of collecting the same type of weapon multiple times, you should vary whenever possible.

Have something for short, medium and long range, plus some explosives. Of course you won't always find it all in one match, but it's good to keep that strategy in mind.

19. Use your shields

Of all the items you can find in Fortnite, shield potions will be one of the most useful. There are small and large potions that give you different levels of shields, and the maximum you can get is 100 points in total.

Not surprisingly, the shield absorbs damage in place of its hit points, at least until it is completely depleted. This can make a big difference in a more difficult battle, so always look for and use these potions.

20. Take advantage of high places

Overall, positioning yourself on high ground turns out to be a big advantage. This way you can see who is approaching from a distance, and you can aim more calmly at who is below.

You can accomplish this with the game's own structures or something you have built yourself. Of course in the second case it is easier for enemies to destroy their structure.

Did you like the tips for Fortnite Android?

Can you take advantage of our list to learn how to improve your skills at Fortnite Android? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think!

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