Fortnite Mobile: 30 Tips to Win Your First Victory

Fortnite Battle Royale was already a big hit on PCs and consoles, but has reached an even larger audience now that it has reached smartphones and tablets. Of course, this brings players who are new to or trying to improve their game skills, especially on a less intuitive platform for games of this kind. That's why we've sorted out some of the best tips for getting your first Fortnite Mobile win. Check it out below!

1. Watch other players

Whether you like it or not, it is much easier to learn to play well when you watch other players. In this case, we recommend that you follow the players who make live broadcasts of their matches, especially because they tend to attract a large audience because of their skills.

You can also watch the players who eliminate you in matches, as the game shows you their perspective after elimination. You can use this to learn good strategies and use them in your own matches.

2. Play in a group

Whether you like it or not, it is much easier to secure a win in group-dependent modes. In Solo mode, you only have your own skills and it may take a long time to get first.

In modes that count groups of 2, 4, or up to 50 players in a team, you have a better chance of winning. This is also great for you to have more overall gaming experience, which will definitely help you in solo wins in the future.

3. Explore the map well

Unlike some other Battle Royale games, Fortnite Mobile has only had a map for a long time. There are no indications that this will change soon, so we recommend that you explore the existing map very well.

This will definitely help you when facing other opponents as you will be aware of possible shelters, places with loot, places with advantageous positioning, etc. Other than that, there are already thousands of players who know the map very well, so you really need to explore it if you want to stay level.

4. Watch out for sounds

By paying attention to the sounds around you, you can already tell if someone is nearby, if something is being built, if something is being destroyed, if there are shots, etc. As knowledge turns out to be your biggest advantage in Fortnite, this is one of the most important aspects.

If you're playing Fortnite Mobile, it's even more important to wear headphones, as a cell phone speaker won't be enough for you to hear everything accurately.

5. Learn how each item works

In addition to weapons, there are many other items you can use at Fortnite Mobile. This includes explosives, traps, shields, bandages, building materials, etc. Our suggestion is to be prepared when finding these different items, as each can give you advantages depending on the situation.

You can practice using these items in 50v50 mode, where you can freely roam the map and confront players with a large number of allies.

6. Train the sights

A game that relies so heavily on weapons already indicates very well how important your aim is. So if you're not used to mobile shooter games anymore, we recommend using a few games just to train your aim.

This can be done more efficiently and in group modes such as "Doubles", "Squad" or "50v50". This gives you the advantage of having fewer enemies on the map and some allies with you.

7. Use the traps to defend yourself

Among the items you find on the map, you will come across traps you can set for other players. Most of them need to be placed in a structure, such as a parade or floor.

They are activated when a player steps or passes them and usually deal a lot of damage. This is not an efficient way to kill an enemy, but it can be used very well to protect yourself from approaching ones.

8. Know the guns

There are many different weapons in Fortnite, with new options being added regularly. It is therefore important to know most of them very well and in which situations they do best.

By looking at your inventory you can check their damage and know if they are good at short, medium or long distance. Use this knowledge to your advantage to do more damage to enemies in Fortnite Mobile.

9. Know the rarities of weapons

In addition to basic information on weapon damage and range, you also have to pay attention to the rarity of each weapon. This can be done by checking its color, as rarity is defined in this way. Currently, the colors are divided as follows: Gray (common), Green (unusual), Blue (rare), Purple (epic) and Orange (legendary).

10. Practice the building

Building structures is extremely important in Fortnite Mobile. Therefore, you should practice building often, especially in modes like the 50v50.

You don't have to think about speed early on, since the important thing is to know how to build efficiently first. Also train the transition between your weapon inventory and build mode, as this can be less intuitive in times of despair.

11. Use building as a strategy

Once you have a better sense of how to build your structures, you will have to learn how to use it to defend yourself. A lot of people guarantee victory at Fortnite Mobile because the structures are used strategically throughout the matches.

Speed ​​and accuracy are important factors in construction, especially when building walls and stairs around you. The best way to train this is through direct confrontation, something you can do in any game mode.

12. Attack other people's buildings

If structures are used especially for protection and defense, do not hesitate to attack other people's buildings. This will leave them exposed and will force them to spend their materials on other structures. Our main tip about this is to strike right at the bottom of these structures, as it makes the rest of the building fall immediately.

13. Face enemies often

In a game like Fortnite Mobile, there's only one way to really improve your skills: take on other players. This will give you a better sense of positioning, improve your aim, know which weapons are good, which strategies to use, and so on.

Other than that, it's the only way to prepare for victories, after all, only then can you defeat the last players in your future matches. Of course, there are some other clash tips you can check out in the following topics.

14. Know when to get in and out of clashes

As we mentioned, it is very important to engage in clashes to improve your skills and reflexes, but you have to know when it is smart to get in or out of them. If you find yourself at a serious disadvantage in the middle of a battle (your ammo may be running low, for example), you may want to try to escape and create walls or stairs to protect yourself. This can guarantee your survival, which is what ends up being most important at the end of the match.

15. Don't Try to Face Multiple Enemies at Once

If you find a group of players in the middle, try to avoid the confrontation. No matter how skillful you are, it is very difficult to have an edge in such a situation.

This is also true in case you find two or more players battling each other. Sometimes it's best to simply step back and pick your fights wisely.

16. Watch your replays

You can see replays of your matches after they are finished, so use this feature to your advantage. Watching replays of the moments before your elimination will help you know what you did wrong or how you can improve in future matches.

17. Don't Make Desperate Decisions

Considering the number of players in each game and the difficulty of ranking first, one can understand that certain situations are hopeless. This includes any confrontation when few map players are missing, for example.

Still, you should stay calm and make decisions rationally rather than running or attacking anyone you meet ahead. Also try to have a strategy, either to stealthily attack opponents or to build structures for your defense.

18. Know what can hurt you

There are many ways to take damage in Fortnite, so it's good that you get a sense of how it can be hurt. This includes shots, explosives, falls, traps, etc.

It is common to see inexperienced players taking a lot of damage when jumping from a high place, because the game does not warn that this can be a problem. Also pay attention when you are about to enter a home or shelter as there may be some trap there.

19. Don't Reveal Your Presence Early

It is extremely advantageous to know where other players are in Fortnite Battle Royale. This is as good for hiding as for attacking by surprise.

That's why we recommend that you never reveal your presence to other players ahead of time. Running to attack closely is almost never a good idea unless you realize the other player is unprepared or if you only have melee weapons. Still, it is best to get a vantage point and shoot from afar to catch the enemy without him noticing.

20. Position yourself on high ground.

Staying higher is an advantage in any shooter, so you shouldn't expect anything different from Fortnite Mobile. You can create structures for this or take advantage of existing buildings for a great view.

Either way, use this placement to see enemies approaching and to shoot them calmly and accurately. Moreover, the element of surprise and the difficulty of being hit by other people are other advantages of this strategy.

21. Play various modes

You are expected to have a favorite mode in Fortnite Battle Royale, but we recommend that you always try something different from time to time. This helps you not to be too comfortable in just one style of play and can still guarantee you victory differently.

It's much easier to have a first win in 50v50 mode than in Solo mode, for example. Other than that, each mode has its own challenges and complications, so you end up becoming more skilled.

22. Store items for various situations

We already mentioned that you need to know and test the different weapons available in the game, but it is important to make use of this knowledge in practice. Instead of collecting the same type of weapon multiple times, you should vary whenever possible.

Have something for short, medium and long range, plus some explosives. Of course you won't always find it all in one match, but it's good to keep that strategy in mind.

23. Know where to find the chests

Treasure chests can be found on various parts of the Fortnite Mobile map. These chests come with a number of rare and useful items, including weapons, bandages, shields, etc.

They are always in the same place, so it's easy to remember their locations. To find them, just find a golden light or sparkling sound, as it is something that chests emit when you're around.

24. Complete Weekly Challenges

Fortnite has challenges that are released weekly, both for free players and those who buy the Battle Pass each season. Many of them make you have to kill enemies in certain places or with specific weapons, which can be quite difficult. This is yet another way to improve your game knowledge and skills, which will help you get victories as well.

25. Wear bandages and shields

Bandages and shield potions are the best ways to ensure your survival throughout matches. Bandages heal your hit points, so you can find some that heal more points than others.

Shield potions give different shield levels, of course. This absorbs the damage dealt to your character, which is great in more confrontational clashes. These items take up inventory space along with weapons, but are too important to discard.

26. Always move around

Its movement is what will ensure its survival in many situations. If you are standing still or walking in a straight line, it is very easy for an enemy to hit you with a ranged weapon, for example.

To avoid these surprise attacks, keep moving unpredictably whenever possible. Even at seemingly quiet moments this turns out to be something important, so don't forget this tip.

27. Watch Around You

The previous tip leads us to another very important topic: paying attention to your surroundings. We already mentioned that you should pay attention to the sounds, but it is also good to change the camera position frequently and try to see if there are any enemies in the distance.

Structures built by other people may also be a good indication of someone who has been there for a short time, for example. Every little sign or sound can be used to your advantage, so keep your attention on the details.

28. Skip often

Just play a game of Fortnite Mobile to realize that almost all players are jumping over and over when in a confrontation. This helps take less damage as it is harder to get hit by enemy shots.

Of course, we suggest that you do the same if you want to be at least on par with others. The good thing is to jump from side to side instead of just being in the same area.

29. Collect resources from the start

We have mentioned a few times how important it is to build in this game. Therefore, worry about collecting resources and materials from the beginning of each match.

This can be done by destroying anything you find on the game map, whether it's existing or created by other players. You can collect materials from wood, metal or stone, which also defines the strength of your future structures.

30. Watch out for the circle and storm

Each game depends on a very simple premise: escape the storm, stay in the safe circle and survive to the end. Unfortunately, many players still forget to pay attention to shrinking the circle or approaching the storm too late.

Because of this, they end up being nonsense, something you should avoid. Just pay attention to the map and always stay within the circle, which is relatively easy to do as the game shows you everything in advance.

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