Galaxy S10 What's New: Top 10 Revelations

The events of Apple, Google and Samsung are the most anticipated when we talk about smartphones. At the 2019 annual event, Samsung brought to the world the news of the Galaxy S10.

Next in Samsung's premium smartphone lineup is the Galaxy S10, which comes bundled with the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G versions, one of the first to be compatible with the new connection.

During the event, we were able to discover the main news of the Galaxy S10, such as its technical specifications, camera, technical dimensions and extra features.

So keep reading below and check out our compiled top 10 Samsung Galaxy S10 news!

1. One Lite version and one 5G version

Two new editions of Samsung's flagship smartphone line will also hit the market. Until then, the South Korean company launched only the Standard Edition and Plus at the same time. But that changed in 2019.

In addition to the standard and plus version, the Galaxy S10 will receive a lighter version, called the Galaxy S10e - “essential”. It will have similar technical specifications to other smartphones in the line, but will have some less features.

The second unreleased version is the Galaxy S10 5G. It has features similar to the Plus model, but with the added power of connecting to 5G networks. It is the only model that will not launch along with the others as the 5G network is not yet available.

2. Galaxy S10 - price and release date

There is no denying that price is a considerable factor when it comes to getting a new phone. And the price was one of the bitter surprises for those planning to pick up this year's new model.

In 2018, the standard version of the Galaxy S9 had a launch price of $ 719, around $ 2, 690 at the current price. The price increase for this edition is quite high: $ 899 - or $ 3, 362! Remember that there is no official price for the Galaxy S10 in the country.

The lightest version of the smartphone, called the Galaxy S10e, is the most affordable, announced at $ 749, more similar to the standard edition of the predecessor.

Already the Galaxy S10 Plus will require a lot of your bank account, reaching the market costing $ 999 to consumers. If you are an iPhone user and you like this Samsung, you will probably have to learn how to sell a used iPhone to be able to shell out that amount.

All three smartphones will be released simultaneously on March 8 in the US. The only thing that will take you longer to see store shelves is the Galaxy S10 5G, which has not yet been released.

The release date of smartphones in Brazil was not released by Samsung.

3. Galaxy S10 - Dimensions

The dimensions are also new to the Galaxy S10 and the smartphones of its line. The standard edition of the phone will be 70.4 mm wide, 149.9mm high and 7.8mm thick, with weight of 157g. That is, Samsung is betting on a less robust smartphone than the iPhone XR, which has larger dimensions than the S10.

Already the S10e is the smallest among the three versions, with 69.9mm wide, 142.2mm high and 7.9mm thick. He weighs 150g

The S10 Plus, as usual, is the most imposing of them. The "pumped" version of the S10 holds 74.1mm wide, 157.6mm high and 7.8mm thick. Again compared to the apple company and its iPhone XS Max, the S10 Plus has quite similar dimensions, being just a little smaller than the competitor.

The weight of the S10 Plus depends on the type of color you want it to have. The standard glass models make the phone weigh 175g. Already the ceramic models - exclusive to the S10 Plus - increase this weight to 198g.

4. Galaxy S10 - Colors

Despite being only an aesthetic detail, revelations of new devices always bring the curiosity to know in what colors it will be available. What's new in the Galaxy S10 is no different.

Templates will have 4 to 6 color options. All models will have White, Black, Blue and Green options. The S10e edition will have all four colors and an exclusive option, called Canary Yellow .

The Galaxy S10 Plus will not have the yellow option, but it has two other alternatives as well. Samsung's more robust model will have two other versions of white and black, called Ceramic White and Ceramic Black. Remember that these unique colors make the phone heavier, as we showed in the previous item.

5. Screen Size and Resolution

When we talk about smartphone screens, opinions are divided. Some prefer to use calendar notes and other productivity apps, in which case they prefer the mobility of having a smaller screen.

If you use your phone to watch movies and series or play with Android controls, you want as much screen size as possible.

For the first type of user, the S10e is the best option with a 5.8 inch screen. The screen of the S10e is FullHD + Dynamic AMOLED with a resolution of 2280 × 1080 and 438ppi.

The second group will surely enjoy the S10 Plus, with 6.4 inches of screen, Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED and resolution 3040 × 1440 and 522 ppi.

If you're in the middle of mobile but comfortable playing and watching your favorite shows on your mobile phone, the standard S10 should fit your needs. Its screen measures 6.1 inches. The screen of the phone also comes with Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED of 3040 × 1440, but with 550 ppi.

6. Processing

Now that we've talked about all the new things about the Galaxy S10 as to what cell phones look like, it's time to talk about the power of Samsung's new smartphone.

All models feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset and 8mm octa-core processor . It's one of the most powerful configurations, but still a little behind Apple's A12 Bionic.

7. Galaxy S10 - Memory and Storage

As the main line of Samsung phones, they are expected to have the best memory and storage settings. Let's go to them:

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