Galaxy S7 vs Pixel: Which is the fastest smartphone?

While the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 are the biggest rivals on the market, it may be strange to compare smartphones with such different operating systems. Moreover, until then there was no Android device able to compete with the power and success of the Galaxy line. At least until Pixel and Pixel XL are released. Being a premium smartphone made by Google, with great specs and a pure Android experience, it's no wonder many end up preferring it.

But many consumers have not thought much about the possibility of Pixel not being so much better than the Galaxy S7, for example. In the general settings, the two are not that different, but what about in practice? If you want to know which one is faster in common everyday tasks, just check out our article below!

Galaxy S7 vs Pixel

Relying on technical specifications to determine which device is more powerful or faster does not always work very well. This is especially true when the components used are very different or used differently in comparative devices.

Because of such factors, comparing the Galaxy S7 and Pixel can be a bit tricky. Many of the specifications are similar, but it's hard to predict how they behave in real life and with everyday tasks.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of people to perform such tests, as is the case with the Tech Trinkets YouTube channel, which made comparisons of speed and performance with Pixel and the new Galaxy. You can check out the whole video below:

First, he turned on the devices simultaneously to test their boot time. The Galaxy S7 was faster and loaded its home screen 10 seconds ahead of its competitor, which is interesting considering that Pixel's operating system should be lighter and without additional software disrupting performance.

When opening several applications, their performance was well balanced. In some, one was faster than the other and vice versa, but in many cases both achieved equal speed in this regard.

The biggest differences were seen when heavy games began to be tested. In all cases, Galaxy was faster and loaded mobile games much faster than Pixel. Interestingly, the same thing happened in a Pixel comparison with the iPhone 7, which may indicate that Google's smartphone doesn't have such a good optimization for games.

In the test with page loading and internet browsing in general, the two fared very well and similarly.

Another important factor to test was the RAM, which worked perfectly on both smartphones and was able to store data from all apps used during previous tests. Thus, it was possible to resume the use of where it was interrupted, without the need for a new loading.

It seems that the Galaxy S7 seems to have the advantage over Pixel in speed and performance, but that's not so surprising. Samsung has been developing and refining this line for years, while Google is having its first experience with Pixel.

Still, the company's smartphone has potential and it is possible that the Pixel may overtake the Galaxy someday in the future. Until then, there is still nothing better than a good Galaxy for those who prefer Android.

What did you think about the tests?

Can you get a better sense of how Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel work with these speed and performance tests? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us which one is your favorite.

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