Games Similar To Flappy Bird

After the recent shocking news that the famous Flappy Bird app went down yesterday (know everything here) is undoubtedly that we here at Apptuts have to help users in some way. So we decided to write about some games that we think you, once a Flappy Bird fan, will love! Of course if you have the game downloaded to your device, be aware that you can continue to play it, however, it never hurts to advise you to new games (since Flappy is half dead).

The user likes Flappy Bird because it is considered by many to be the hardest game ever. It's so hard for gamers to vent their frustrations on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (as the user may have seen, for example, user videos literally crushing their devices after failing in the game). Yeah, I admit, this app can both lead to frustration (most of the time) as well as the pride that we have reached a higher level, won a medal, managed to surpass ourselves (which happens very often, but enough to get us back to the app over and over).

That said, the user might even look for a bigger challenge, or one that at least hasn't been disabled by its creator. Well, the following mobile games are just as difficult and perhaps more challenging than Flappy Bird. You are warned: you will love it and you will become quite addicted just as you did with Flappy Bird.

1. Flappy Droid

Especially for Android users, you can play a game that is essentially the same as Flappy Bird, but with a different look. This is Flappy Droid, the hidden game on your smartphone if you use the Lollipop or Marshmallow version of the operating system. In it, you control a small Android and play in much the same way while dodging obstacles, increasing your score based on how long you can stay alive.

If you may have a newer version of Android, don't be disappointed, you can also install Flappy Droid via a system launcher. To do that, it's really quite simple. We have created a complete guide teaching how you can install the game regardless of your system version, check out the link.

Essentially, you will need to use Apex Launcher to emulate the system and open the game. The good news is that this app is completely free, but it may not be very intuitive, especially for more lay users in this regard. Therefore, we recommend once again reading our guide. To see how it works, check out the video below where the Droid Life channel shows the version of Flappy Droid on the Lollipop system!

2. Super Hexagon

Available for iOS and Android OS devices, Super Hexagon is the game where the user will have to guide a small triangle through a constantly moving hexagon (ie not letting any part of the hexagon touch him or keep him from continuing). way, closing it in it). It is in this app that I wish you good luck trying to last more than 30 seconds.

3. Super Ball Juggling

Also accessible to users with iOS and Android devices, Super Ball Juggling is a bit difficult to clarify (and sure to play). However, the key concept is that the user bounces a ball with a character until the difficulty level increases and then the user will have two characters to coordinate with the ball. As soon as it falls to the ground with any of the characters, your game is over.

4. Ironpants

Too likely there would be copies of Flappy Bird. I'm not too aggressive to say that Ironpants is a copy, they are just similar in almost everything. For example, there are tubes and the user has the same game mechanics. However, many players claim that Ironpants can be more annoying due to their demanding mechanics. I don't know if you are going to delete this the minute after you download it, I just know that you have to touch a superhero to keep him in mid air as he flies between pipes and that the controls are relentless and make this obstacle course almost impossible. to play. Available for iOS and Android, too.

5. Shuriken Block

In Shuriken Block, the user will have to click on the stars before they touch the ninjas. This may sound simple at first, but as you progress through the game, the pace becomes more challenging. The app is available for iOS operating system devices only.

6. Ghosts' N Goblins Gold Knights

For those familiar with Ghosts' N Goblins Gold Knights, I would never say this would be the easiest on the list, however it is. This sequel to the classic game puts you in control of the heroic knight Arthur. He must survive the Ghoul Kingdom. It's nothing like Flappy Bird from a design standpoint, but it's hard nonetheless.

Did you like games similar to Flappy Bird?

Could you take advantage of our Flappy Bird-like game recommendations? Be sure to leave your comment saying what you think, or which games on our list you already knew and had previously played on your smartphone.

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