Gear VR 2017 vs. Gear VR 2016: What is the evolution?

As was done at the launch of the Galaxy S7 last year, the Galaxy S8 is also being made available with the Gear VR virtual reality glasses. However, Samsung's flagship smartphone was not the only one to receive improvements and Gear VR 2017 will also be different than Gear VR 2016. Some improvements have already been announced for the new peripheral, although overall it will not differ much from its predecessor. So you can decide if switching devices will be worth it, we've brought you a comparison of Gear VR 2017 and Gear VR 2016, so you know exactly how they've evolved.

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Gear VR 2017 vs. Gear VR 2016: Performance

The lenses of the new Gear VR will be similar to its predecessor, measuring 42mm with a 101 degree field of view. The difference is in the improvement in distortion correction, avoiding better nausea caused by the use of the device. However, it works only if your smartphone is attached to the accessory, making it similar to the previous Gear VR in all other situations. This means that there is not much evolution in your vision with the use of the device.

Gear VR 2017 vs. Gear VR 2016: Design

There are also few changes in the look of Gear VR. The first is on the cover that protects the lens of the peripheral. The current version of the case is similar to the back of the smartphone, giving the impression that they are docked even when not in use.

Next, this year's Gear VR USB-C slot is grayed out, highlighting the previously black slot. Finally, one of the main differences is in the area in which the phone is inserted, which is a bit wider in the current edition.

Gear VR 2017 vs. Gear VR 2016: Extras

As can be seen, there are not many differences from one version of Gear VR to another. The main attraction of Gear VR 2017 is not in its “power”, but in the extra accessory that comes with the virtual reality glasses. This time, the virtual reality control will accompany the device, making navigation easier when using Gear VR. Still, it is worth remembering that this control is also compatible with its predecessor and can be purchased separately if you are already satisfied with the Samsung Gear VR 2016.

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Gear VR 2017 vs. Gear VR 2016: Verdict

To close our comparison, we understand that the evolution between virtual reality glasses is almost nonexistent. Your purchase is justified only for those who are already buying the Galaxy S8, but for S7 users who already have the predecessor, it is not necessary to make the leap of generations. The highlight is the additional control that comes with this release. On the other hand, those who already own a Gear VR can buy it separately, also using it in their Gear VR 2016. Which one do you think is the most advanced and what is your option? Comment with us!

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