GestãoClick: Improve your business management with an integrated system

GestãoClick is an integrated ERP management system that unifies and simplifies the recording of information and the tracking of relevant company data. This system contributes to productivity by reducing the possibility of operational errors and rework. Integrated management software has several features that can help your company control various sectors of your business.

These include product inventory, sales, customer and supplier registration, financial records such as cash flow, payments and receipts, invoice issuers and slips. All of this information will come together in a single system that enables you to generate reports that make it easier for you to understand the company as a whole and give you access to the critical information for decision making in your business.

A direct browser management system

GestãoClick software is completely online and this allows you to keep track of your business information and results from anywhere, anytime. The only equipment required is to have a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access. Therefore, you will not be charged installation or maintenance fees.

Information security is a key factor these days and GestãoClick has a cloud storage system. All the technological resources were made available by the best professionals in the market through the networked server system. This ensures not only the security of company information but also the stability of system access.

Key Features of GestãoClick

Among the features, we can highlight:

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