Gestãogram: Is it worth using software to boost your Instagram?

Here we present in AppTuts a complete tutorial for Managegram, a Brazilian app that uses your Instagram profile to like and follow profiles according to your business area. That said, it is worth asking whether the advantages of using this program justify your investment, as its use does not always mean that your social media campaigns will be successful. We have gathered some advantages and disadvantages of Managegram below, and have made our own recommendations for its use, as well as our verdict.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Managegram?

Using the app is very useful especially for those who are still getting started on Instagram. While creating content and using multiple hashtags is a useful method for attracting followers on your profile, it is best to also follow referral profiles in your business. But instead of simply manually adding whatever comes ahead, you can configure the app to automate this process, causing it to distribute likes and follow various pages related to the search term. You can also reverse the process by following some profiles to add new ones.

Although it appears that you only follow profiles at random, the Managegram process actually allows you to target your profile to the audience you want to reach. That is, the user himself defines the types of profiles that the program will follow. It is worth mentioning that it is also permissible to block your profile from following someone or not following any specific one. Because of this, we may consider that Managegram is not just a rogue application that delivers thousands of profiles without any connections to your digital marketing goals.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the support given by the application team can be made by online chat, WhatsApp or email. Managegram also provides consultation materials and video tutorials for each app segment, making them easy to use and understand. However, it is important to note that its scope is very specific and cannot be used as the sole application for your social networks.

This means that if your digital marketing strategy encompasses more social networks than Instagram, you will need to use some social media manager like Agorapulse. Another downside is the inability to respond to comments and interact with your followers through the program unless it is through the direct - and automatic - message sent to those who started following your profile.

5 situations where you should use Managegram

From the points we mentioned above, there are five situations where the app is ideal for boosting your Instagram business:

Is it worth using Managegram?

Considering you want to make Instagram your primary business social network, we highly recommend it. Even if your purpose doesn't include managing your profile, the amount of followers it can provide in a short time can help you grow your reach and sales through Instagram. On the other hand, if your sales focus is on other social media and Instagram is secondary, perhaps it is best to evaluate if Gestãogram can make it your first place and thus establish strategies that consider its use. What did you think of the platform? Consider using it in your digital marketing strategy? Learn more by visiting your page and comment with us!

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