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After announcing the iPhone SE and a new iPad Pro recently, it was Apple's turn today to launch a new 12-inch MacBook. Although very similar to last year's model at first glance, Apple's recently launched notebook brings some interesting changes and improvements. If you also want to know what's new in this MacBook, just check out our article below!

1. Design

As we mentioned earlier, in terms of appearance, the new 12-inch MacBook is virtually identical to its 2015 predecessor. Even though it is the same size and design as before, at least the newly launched MacBook has a new color.

The 2016 version comes in four different colors: gray, silver, gold and the long-awaited and unpublished pink that had only appeared on newer iPhones and iPads. Considering the design of this well-praised and functional notebook, it really wouldn't make much sense if Apple completely changed it.

2. Battery

The biggest concern for notebook users is battery life, as it can be a very decisive factor in portable devices. Fortunately, this was one of the major improvements that the new 12-inch MacBook has received.

Its battery itself is already slightly larger than its predecessor, which would not necessarily mean much since it also has a more powerful and more energy-efficient processor. Fortunately, Apple has managed to make its CPU more efficient in its load usage, which makes it last for at least 11 hours straight. To get a better feel, this is 1 hour longer than the 2015 MacBook could handle.

3. Processor

Speaking of processing power, it is clear that one of the biggest changes of the new MacBook would be in its processor. In this case, the Apple notebook has a sixth generation processor from Intel, the Skylake with 1.3 GHz dual-core M chip, which can reach 3.1 GHz in Turbo Boost.

In addition, the MacBook has 8 GB of RAM with a frequency of 1, 866 MHz, which already makes it much faster than last year's model. The device's GPU is another big plus, being 25% faster than before, something that should improve more demanding graphic tasks.

5. Storage

For now, Apple has announced only two storage options for its users: the cheapest 256 GB and a slightly more expensive 512 GB of internal space. It's not so different from what we've seen in previous MacBooks, so it was to be expected.

In this case, the 256 GB version will cost $ 1, 299, while the 512 GB will cost $ 1, 599, but at least it will have a faster processor to justify the high price.

6. Specifications

In the general specs of the computer, it also does not bring significant differences from the previous model, which can be a bit disappointing for some Apple fans. In this case, it remains 13.1 mm thick and weighs 920 grams.

Perhaps most annoying is that the MacBook still only has one USB-C slot, which, although already used more than last year, is still far from as standard and practical as normal USB. However, this is still the only way to charge and connect your MacBook to other devices and accessories.

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