Google announces Android Go as its new operating system

On the first day of its I / O event, Google introduced a lot of interesting news to the company's consumers, but one particular ad caught a lot of attention. A new operating system dubbed Android Go has been shown to be a solution for much simpler smartphones that don't have enough power to run heavier versions of Android such as Marshmallow and Nougat. To learn more about the new system, just check out the details below!

Android Go News

As we mentioned, Android Go is the way Google invented to get around a big problem for those with simpler smartphones and less processing power. Until then, users of such devices had to either settle for very old versions of Android or have to endure slow and constant crashes.

This is because Android ends up being a bit heavy, especially because it offers so many features and functions. Android Go, however, was developed with lightness, efficiency and speed in mind, as well as focusing on smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM.

The main news related to this new system are:

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