How to access macOS High Sierra beta

Apple is only a few months away from releasing the next operating system update for its Mac computers. Although it does not have an official release date yet, the macOS High Sierra was announced this spring by the company's boss. However, some people can already access the macOS High Sierra beta, meaning they can start testing it before release to learn how it will work and help Apple's development team find bugs. Learn how to register step by step below!

Tip : Before you install the trial version, back up the current state of your computer. Learn how to create a restore point for your backups by accessing this text!

How to access macOS High Sierra beta

1 - Open your browser of choice and access the link to register for Apple's testing program;

2 - Use your AppleID and password to register. It is recommended that you use the same iCloud account if you already have one. Otherwise, click on say create one now and make your registration;

3 - Accept the beta commitment and confidentiality term to complete your registration.

Important details about the macOS High Sierra beta

Already testing the beta of macOS High Sierra?

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