How to adjust the volume of individual apps on Android

Chances are that anyone with a smartphone has already been in the situation of opening an app and having to keep covering the speakers or pushing the volume button frantically just not to be embarrassed by an unwanted loud sound in public. This is especially true for games or websites that play videos automatically, but there is a much better solution to this problem. In this case, there is a specific app that handles and manages the volume of apps individually on Android. To learn more, just check out our tips below!

Adjusting the volume of individual apps

Our first step is obviously to install the app that can manage the volume of all your apps individually. In this case, we are talking about the App Volume Control, which is free and can be downloaded through this link.

Once installed, open it on your Android and you will see a huge list of all apps installed on your smartphone.

So, choose one of the apps from the list to get started and tap on it. Immediately, you will see a variety of volume settings for both speaker, headphones and Bluetooth.

Choose what you want to configure first and see which of the options you want to adjust. For this example, we chose the "system" volume in the "speaker" section. As you can see, we manually set the volume to 42%, which can be increased or decreased as desired.

Now we can also try different volume levels in other categories, such as “Notifications”, “Alarm” and “Ringtone”. We leave each with a different level, something that is reflected only if the app in question actually makes use of these categories, of course.

Likewise, you can also adjust the settings for when using headphones or a Bluetooth accessory.

The only thing we have to mention is that only one section can be active at a time, ie if using speakers, only the settings for this option can be enabled. This prevents some sort of confusion between volume levels in everyday use.

All of this can be done with all apps that are on the starting list, and you can quickly turn everything off at any time.

Another important point is that when this app is active, normal volume control will not work for categories already configured and the volume levels will be fixed as previously adjusted. To return to normal, you will simply have to turn off the app temporarily.

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