How to answer calls on Apple Watch (and make them too!)

As we talked about in other texts here on AppTuts, one of the things you can do with Apple's smartwatch is to answer or make calls with it. You need to be in sync with your iPhone, which should be around - except if it's WiFi. Answering calls on Apple Watch makes your life easier, as you don't have to pick up iPhone and keep one hand busy, for example. Check out our tutorial below and learn how to answer and make calls on the watch!

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Answering calls on Apple Watch

Receiving calls on the watch is not so different from what we do on smartphones. Apple Watch will vibrate and / or touch and a screen will open. By clicking the green button, you answer the call and start talking to the contact, while the red button rejects the call. You can also not answer the call, but send a message to the contact you are calling, as shown below:

The last option is to transfer the call so you can answer on your iPhone. Since you need to use the watch's speakers to listen to someone else, depending on the environment - and the lack of a Bluetooth headset - you may not be able to answer it on Apple Watch itself. These options appear after turning the crown on the side of the device down or up.

An extra feature in answering calls is the ability to mute the watch by covering it with the palm of your hand, ideal in situations where you cannot receive a call but cannot let it ring. On iPhone, go to the Apple Watch app, choose Sounds & Haptics, and enable Cover to Mute .

Once you have done this, simply cover your Apple Watch screen with your hands and it will silence the touch.

How to make calls on Apple Watch

The process for making smartwatch calls is also quite simple. With Apple Watch, you can access your Favorites list and press the side button to choose the contact, which you can choose by navigating the list by turning the crown above the previously pressed button. You can also type the initial of a name to search the list.

Apple Watch also lets you call someone you don't like, just by going to the phone calling app, sliding through the list or turning the digital crown on the side of the phone until you reach the desired contact. Alternatively, calls can be made by giving Siri the command to contact the person in question if they are on the contact list.

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How is answering calls on Apple Watch?

Have you received calls on your Apple Watch? Is using it in place of the iPhone when it is possible really convenient or would you prefer to answer it on your smartphone? Comment with us and give your opinion!

Source and Images: MacRumors

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