How to back up Google Photos images

The Google Photos service is one of the most useful features for those with an Android smartphone, especially as it allows users to back up images stored on their device without limit. The problem is that not all Google Photos folders have the backup feature enabled by default, and you need to do this manually. If you want to know how you can enable backup yourself to save your photos to the cloud, just check out our tips below!

Google Photos Backup

As we mentioned, not all photo folders have cloud backup enabled in the Google Photos app. The most important ones are already saved automatically, but folders with prints, images downloaded from the internet, or photos uploaded by applications (such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) must be manually enabled.

To get started, open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

Then open one of the app's photo folders. For our case, we will use the "Screenshots" folder. You will know that the folder in question has no automatic backup if the button at the top right is not enabled.

To change this, just click this button. When active, it will turn blue, as in the image below:

If you have an active internet connection on your smartphone, Google Photos will begin backing up shortly, but the process may take a while depending on how many images are in the selected folder.

To not delete anything not yet backed up, you can return to the app's home screen and drag it to the right. This will make the menu below appear:

From this menu, select the “Free Space” option to proceed.

Then click the "Remove" option so that only photos saved in the cloud are deleted from your device. In addition to saving space on your device, you are assured that you have not permanently deleted anything.

If you want, you can still check out our full tutorial on the video below:

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