How to block Facebook fan page messages

One of the options automatically checked when creating a Facebook page is the possibility of receiving messages, as if it were a normal profile on the social network. While it is recommended that you leave the option enabled so that you can serve your customers and visitors, you can block your receipt if you are having trouble providing good service through this channel or for any other reason. So check out below how to block messages on the Facebook fan page!

Go to your page and enter settings

Enter your page and go to the Settings tab to lock.

Go to Messages

In the general settings, find the Messages option and click Edit.

Clear the check box.

Clear the checkbox to block messages on the Facebook fan page.

save Changes

Confirm the lock by clicking Save Changes .

Do the same process to receive messages

Just repeat the same process to re-enable the receipt of messages on your page by checking the box and saving changes. Check below what your page will look like before it blocks and after closing your message box for visitors.



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Got to block messages on Facebook fan page?

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