How to block unwanted phone calls

Have you ever wanted to block unwanted calls on your smartphone? Many companies, even today, spend their time trying to persuade people through these links, which are not even authorized by us. Luckily for us, some Android smartphone models have the native function to block this type of call.

This means that you can dial the numbers you want to block directly in the dialing options by selecting the unwanted number details. However, some models like Samsung J5 do not have this function. In this case we have to use some app to block these calls. After searching and testing various apps for blocking, I found one that does it with mastery.

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Use Mr. Number to block unwanted calls

The Mr. Number app is one of these Android apps that perfectly fulfills the function of blocking unwanted calls. A great and valuable advantage is that it is completely free and without ads. Its use is very simple. Once you install it, it goes online, monitoring your calls. In addition, Mr. Number forms a network between users who report unwanted numbers.

Whenever a user dials a number like SPAM or SCAM, that user's comment already appears to you as soon as you ring the phone. Over time, a list of unwanted numbers will form and all calls will be blocked instantly before the phone rings.

Some numbers are already automatically recognized as SPAM or SCAM, but it is always good to check to see if it will block any important number that is not yet in your address book. After all, don't miss an important call because of a distraction!

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Now that you've learned how to block unwanted calls on your Android, here's some of our best tips for using your smartphone!

1. Record calls on Android

Natively, Android doesn't allow you to record calls in your default app. However, there is a range of options that allow you to keep your own call log. Being able to record calls on Android is a good alternative to having a copy of your calls, especially when dealing with missing service providers.

So check out our special article with the top 14 call recorders for Android. Any of the selected apps will surely be useful to you!

2. Make free calls!

In addition to recording your calls, avoid consuming your minutes or credit plan with traditional calls. There are a number of applications that allow you to make free calls through VoIP (voice over IP).

The best known of these is WhatsApp itself, which even enables group video calls with up to four people - see how to use the feature in our article. If you don't like WhatsApp, rest assured that it is not the only one. Check out the best free Android calling apps in our special article!

3. Change your voice and play tricks on friends!

A more comical tip than mentioned earlier, Android comes with some pretty cool apps that let you change your voice on a call. For example, you might surprise that geeky friend of yours who loves robotics by calling him wishing you a happy birthday with a robot voice.

This is just one of the fun examples for using this type of app. Get the best voice changing apps on Android or iPhone by clicking the link!

4. Free up space on your Android

If your Android has been too slow in recent days, this could be a sign of lack of space. The less free space, the heavier it becomes for your smartphone's processor to run applications.

That's why it's essential that you regularly clean your Android phone or tablet storage. One of the top tips for freeing up space is to access your Android settings and access the device's Storage menu.

On this screen you can see how the space occupied on your Android is distributed. For example, you may have too many apps installed on your device, or WhatsApp's automatic download of photos and videos may be taking up all that space. See 9 more tips for freeing up space on Android here on AppTuts!

5. Increase the life of your battery.

If your battery is failing, it may be out of date and it's time to change your used smartphone. However, you may be using your phone indiscriminately, wasting battery power with unhelpful apps or part-demanding settings.

Some of the best tips for extending the battery life of your Android is to avoid using your phone at very high brightness. Also, apps like mobile games or spending a lot of time watching videos on YouTube can shorten this lifespan. Learn the top tips for not seeing your battery "die" all the time in our article!

Could you use Mr. Number to block unwanted calls?

We believe the application is quite competent to block unwanted calls or attempted phone scam attempts. Did you manage to use the app and has the number of boring calls drastically reduced? Did you have trouble using the app? Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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