How to block a user directly on YouTube

In addition to being the most popular site for posting and sharing videos, YouTube also works similarly to other social networks. So it is not surprising that the site has features very similar to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for example. In addition to being able to post content, subscribe to channels and post your comments, you can even prevent other users from disturbing you or leaving comments on your videos. To learn how to block a user on YouTube, just check out our tips below!

How to block a YouTube user

YouTube's blocking system is primarily for a specific user who can't comment on your videos, which is very useful if the person is constantly or purposely annoying or disturbing you. To do this, sign in to YouTube and sign in to your account.

Then look for the user you want to block and enter the main page of your profile. While there, click "About."

Among the new options, you should notice a flag symbol on the right side of the screen. Click this icon to proceed.

You should choose the option “Block user” next.

YouTube will display a warning that this will prevent that user from commenting on your videos by simply clicking "Submit" to confirm the action.

The good thing is that you can reverse the situation at any time if you want. Just go back to the person's profile and click "Unblock User".

Pretty simple, isn't it? As you might imagine, you can do this with any YouTube user if you need to.

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