How to block words on Facebook fan page

After we teach you how to restrict countries and ages on the Facebook fan page, some page owners may prefer to block some terms, words, or phrases in their post comments. This can happen for a variety of reasons, either to avoid controversy, name calling, or impertinent issues with the content your page posts. If you're having problems - or just want to avoid them - check out how to block words on the Facebook fan page below!

Enter the settings section

As usual, go to the settings tab in the top right corner of your fan page.

Find the “page moderation” option

On the General page - automatically opened when entering settings - find the page moderation option just below Age Restrictions, as in the image above. Click on Edit .

Define which words, terms or expressions will be restricted.

In the text box that opens, you can enter how to block words on the Facebook fan page. Not only is particular words needed, terms and expressions can also be restricted. Each word, term, or expression must be separated by commas for the lock to be active.

Confirm the lock

To confirm the restriction, click the Save Changes button. All blocked words will appear as a list in this option, as shown below:

To add more terms or remove blocking words already included, simply repeat the process described above by entering terms to block them or deleting words you no longer have trouble citing on the page, confirming via the Save Changes button.

Accessing the Spam Folder

Every time someone uses one of the words, terms, or phrases in the list in a comment, Facebook automatically sends them to the fan page's spam box. To approve or remove the comment, go back to the settings and in the left menu, access the last option, called activity log .

Within this area, simply choose the Junk E-mail item to view all blocked comments on your Facebook page, and you can delete them or release them.

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Can you block words on the fan page?

After following the steps above, did new comments with prohibited terms appear in the spam box? Or continue to appear? Comment with us about your test results and don't forget to share this tutorial on your social networking profile!

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