How to build your own app for a real for a month

For some time now, although desirable, it is not so essential to have programming skills to build your own application. Some tools already allow you, even with little knowledge, to work on your own solution. Nowadays not even doing it on your computer is strictly necessary, with platforms and services that offer mobile apps to build your app directly from your mobile phone. App2Sales has a promotion offering a one month subscription for $ 1 to build their own app during this time. Check below how to do it!

How to build your own app: Personalization

If you already have your visual identity, you can import it for use in your app through App2Sales. Importing the logo, just edit the description texts and set the colors of your app. After you finish customizing, a preview is available to see how your app will look on mobile devices, allowing you to adjust to your preference.

How to build your own application: Publishing

With the customization details ready, you need to create your first publication. The post will depend on the type of content your business advertises, but the tools for publishing it are within the platform itself. In it you have the option to include Youtube image or video as well as text only if you wish. With the first post ready, App2Sales itself puts it online at Apple or Google app stores!

How to build your own app: Tracking results

Obviously it is not enough just to build your own application, create new publications and leave it at that. Outside of the app environment, you can measure the results of your posts through a website from which the administrator can check various metrics. These include the number of app downloads, how many times an article has been read, its number of likes, and more.

How to build your own application: Extra functions

Among the extra features of App2Sales, it allows you to create unlimited email capture forms, essential for your business email marketing. Any apps created through it can have a buy button to sell directly, as well as letting you send notifications when new content is posted to your followers.

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How was your experience with App2Sales?

With its ease of developing new applications, App2Sales is one of the best ways to distribute your content across mobile devices. Through its year-end promotion, the platform is offering the first month for $ 1.00 on any of its three plans. Are you curious to understand more of the platform? Then check out the link the possibilities offered by App2Sales!

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