How to change your Steam profile to a private account

Steam is the best platform today for those who prefer to enjoy their games on the PC, as well as store your game library, also has an excellent online store with thousands of titles available. Of course, the service still has certain issues from time to time and some of its native options are not the best.

This applies especially to the user profile, which usually shows everything a person throws in detail and has no way of hiding. The good news is that this can be easily changed, as we will show in our tutorial below!

Steam Private Account

As we mentioned, when you create your Steam profile, it is normal for the account to be open to the general public and for anyone to see their activities. Fortunately, this can be changed if you don't want strangers (or even your friends) to know absolutely everything you play on the platform.

To do this, open the Steam launcher on your computer and sign in with your account as usual.

Then hover over your username and click on the "Profile" option.

In the next screen, simply choose the "Edit Profile" option to continue.

You will be taken to the main options related to your profile and click on “My privacy settings” to proceed.

Under "Profile Status, " select either "Private" or "Friends Only" so that other people cannot see your activities and profile page. You can do the same with “Profile Comments” and “Inventory, ” but it is not necessary.

When you are finished selecting your settings, simply click "Save Changes."

Okay, now nobody can see what you play in your Steam account, but you can always change these settings in this same menu.

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